The State of the Mac Desktop (after Apple’s October 2016 Presentation)

October 28, 2016

Apple provided a much needed glimpse into their thinking about the Mac Desktop. But does it bode well for video post-production professionals?


A Mixing Light ‘Quick Reaction’

It’s been 18 months since Apple hosted a stage presentation featuring their non-iPhone, non-iWatch hardware. That’s a long stretch since a Mac Laptop or iMac has been on-stage in Cupertino. And a much longer period of time since Apple, Inc. has talked about the Mac Desktop and its hero machine, the Mac Pro. Except to issue a GPU recall, the Late 2013 Mac Pro has yet to get a single refresh of its components.

During this time, creative professionals working in video post-production have been asking themselves… should I stay on the Mac platform? Is Apple, Inc. committed to producing cutting-edge hardware that can drive, for example, 4K OpenEXR workflows? When a client walks in the door asking about finishing a VR project, is there Mac hardware that can push pixels in real time for client-attended sessions?

In this Insight Dan, Robbie and Pat ask: Did Apple, Inc. just release gear inspiring to color correction professionals?

Team Mixing Light discusses the recent Apple Special Presentation, that was clearly focused on Apple’s laptop lineup (in addition to the appleTV), and reads the tea leaves about the future of the Mac hardware. We survey the state of the Mac Desktop, covering such topics as:

  • First impression of the Touch Bar? Gimmick or useful?
  • Have Apple and Microsoft switched roles?
  • Is the MacBookPro now the new Mac Pro?
  • What’s with Team iPhone and Team MacBookPro not communicating, releasing two incompatible hardware devices?
  • Conversely, does the LG partnership foretell a new co-operative hardware spirit at Apple, Inc.?
  • Is the Mac Pro dead? Or alive? Or should we stop caring either way?

This edition of the Mailbag is Team Mixing Light’s initial reaction to the Apple presentation and how our industry (and careers) may be effected. Enjoy!

-Team Mixing Light

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