Resolve 11 – Working With The Clone Tool

June 30, 2014

Working With The Clone Tool in Resolve 11. Dan will be showing you how to paint and clone out elements of your footage.

The clone tool has been beautifully refined in Resolve 11. The great news is if you liked how it worked in Resolve 10, that option is still there,  but for people from a compositing background like myself the new refined tool is a whole lot better!

The new tool allows much more logical and precise tracking, which then leads to better and easier to achieve results.

When Should I Use It?

Resolve is still primarily a color correction tool so I would try keep the clone tool as a “trick up your sleeve” rather than advertising it to clients. Painting is still easier in other applications like AE, Nuke or Flame but Resolve is coming a long way quickly. I would try and keep Resolve cloning tool for small practical paint outs like

  • Lights In Shot
  • Boom Mic In Shot
  • Static Locked Off Shots
  • Beauty Work

So Whats New?

Only one thing has changed and that’s the addition of a new switch on the node resizing tab called key lock.

The key lock button allows you to change how the clone tool works by allowing you to mask the area you would like to remove.

Turn on the lock and then slide the picture around behind the masked area around using the node based PTZR controls to find some near by texture to clone on top of the area you would like to remove.

Check out my Insight video below to see how I do it!

– Dan

P.S. Robbie also covered the cloning functionality in Resolve 10 back in this Insight

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