Resolve 11 – Dan’s First Thoughts

June 25, 2014

Dan Moran takes you on a tour of his favorite new DaVinci Resolve 11 features including grading tools, render caching and much more

Resolve 11 – Dan’s First Thoughts

Now that Resolve 11 is out and available get out there and try it out!

You can download it here!

Remember to back up your databases and important projects and don’t upgrade right before your client walks in for a full days grading. Just in case!

Now that we’re past that let’s have a look at Resolve 11. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now beta testing the software and I am seriously impressed. The UI has been refined but not totally changed and I feel like my grading is better than ever thanks to some new features.

Rather than speaking about my favorite new features check out my insight below and you can see them in action!

The features I look at includes:
  • New UI Changes
  • Dual Monitors
  • Color Matching
  • New Color Controls
  • Render Caching
  • Refined Qualifer Controls
  • Group Grading

Team mixing light will be bringing you lots of detailed and specific Resolve 11 features over the next few weeks and months as there are over 130 new features to explore thanks to the BMD Resolve development team!

– Dan

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Homepage Forums Resolve 11 – Dan’s First Thoughts

  • Matt Fezz

    Sweet video Dan! Thanks a lot man, good overview.

  • Daniel Stonehouse

    Thanks for pointing out the new tools hidden in the colour match page. The highlights / shadows sliders have a much nicer look than lift and gain in log, they preserve a lot more detail and do not solarise. Colour boost seems to increase saturation without clipping any colour channels (try comparing extreme adjustments of colour boost vs saturation to a colourful scene while observing the waveform). And midtone detail – Key skintones, reduce this, you have a super quick and fantastic looking skin smooth!

    Even better news is that the controls are right there by default in the primaries page on the davinci control surface, along with the ever handy contrast and pivot. These tools are fantastic, and extremely powerful, I see myself using them a lot!

    I’ve noticed that the qualifier denoise causes quite a performance hit (similar to a noise reduction). BUT this performance hit doesn’t seem to be picked up by Smart Cache. I’ve passed this on to Blackmagic tech support. In the meantime you can manually flag clips where you have used the denoise to cache.

  • Remco Hekker

    Hi Dan,

    Love the insight. There was a lot I didn’t fully realise yet.
    Quick question: Do you know if there is a way to make the scopes more prominent (or just bigger) in the dual monitor layout.
    I find them a little small for my taste.



  • Patrick Inhofer

    Yes, you can expand them taller to take about 1/3 the bottom of the screen. At that size I find them pretty useful. Plus, the scopes are now full frame rate showing you every line of video. They feel and look MUCH more responsive.

  • Steve Sebban

    Hello Dan,

    A quick question about the cache system: does Resolve 11 uses the cached clips for render out or does it just render out everything from scratch like in 10?

  • Patrick Inhofer

    Steve – R11 gives you a choice in the Deliver Tab… You can choose to use your cached clips or you can choose to re-render.

  • Steve Sebban

    Great news!

    I have a 90 minutes movie fully cached but during delivery, it insists to re-render everything. This should have saved me so much time… (around 7 hours actually)

    Btw, this cache at the node level is so cool.

    I can’t wait to finish all of my currents projects to move to R11. I’m sure they have optimized it even further for the MP2013.

  • Remco Hekker

    Sounds like a great excuse to upgrade to a larger monitor. 😉

  • Margus Voll

    Look really cool. Helps us get up to speed fast. Keep em coming!

  • Casey Faris

    First thing I noticed about 11 was the scopes were much more responsive. This seems like a really great release. I’ve been working with the new group grading controls a bit, do you know if there’s any way to do versions of group grades? The versions seem to only affect the clips.

  • Dan Moran

    I do love the highlights / shadows sliders! I’ve been doing some testing with greyscale ramps to see what it does and it seems to be emulating curves which gives it such a nice look!

    I love where the controls are on the panel. Makes it so much easier to use 🙂

  • Dan Moran

    Thanks Matt!

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