Dust Busting

Dust Busting – Removing Dirt In Resolve

June 28, 2017

Dust Busting in one of those tools you don't know exists in Resolve. Dan shares his tips on how and when to use it in the grade

Fighting Scratches And Pops One Click At A Time!

Dust busting has been in Resolve since before Blackmagic even considered buying DaVinci

If you are like me you use it so infrequently that you forget how to use it each time.

When researching for this insight I even discovered the dust-busting has a hidden contextual menu that I have never ever seen in my life of grading in Resolve.

In my video insight below we check out how and why I use the Dust Busting tool.

I try and show each issue that most users run into when first using the tool. Especially the fact that it only works on DPX and has a special undo button!

If you’d like to see more details on the contextual menu options this excerpt from the manual says it greatly.

You can find it here and jump straight to page 1074.

I did try and show the options as clear as possible in the insight but as my source material is quite dark and simple it was tough to show a good example of the difference the options made.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave a comment!


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6 thoughts on “Dust Busting – Removing Dirt In Resolve”

  1. Hi Dan, I was just in a discussion on an other forum on dust busting.
    On there someone mentioned that:
    1. Once project is saved, revival undo can no longer go back beyond save.
    2. Revival undo always (immediately) reverts to last project save. Even if you have busted 20 pieces of dust since your last save. (and you’ll loose all your work in between)
    3. When you’re working with optimized or cache media, one needs to realize that it will look like you haven’t fixed any dust or scratches until you regenerate your cache or optimized media.

    Can you confirm points 1 and 2?

  2. It’s a drag that BMD abandoned Revival. I suspect they decided that MTI DRS Nova basically owns the market and it would be too difficult to compete with them.

  3. Not working. I tried to use the feature but Da vinci (Beta version) crashed silently. I converted the scene to dpx and once imported i selected the dust removal and nothing happens. It didn´t showed up any dialog with settings and crashed the program silently.

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