Baselight For Avid

Baselight For Avid – Colorist Crash Course

July 17, 2015

In this insight Dan gives you a crash course on all the major tool sets that you need to know to start grading in Baselight


Baselight For Avid – All You Need To Know To Get Grading!

In this insight, we are back in Baselight for avid and I have to say I’m feeling much more confident using this system after a little more time using it.

As with any toolset, the first few attempts at using it creatively lead to questions at every decision point but after grading a few projects my natural creative flow and grading style has re-emerged.

This insight is a crash course for the curious colorist who is interested in how Baselight works but doesn’t have time/access to a system.

In this insight I take you step by step through a full look that I would call an average but heavily stylized grade. It is quite a few layers and stops at every toolset that I would use on a daily basis so I felt that it would give you a good idea of the basic layout of a Baselight grade.

Now that I’ve hit this intermediate level with Baselight I can happily say I could take on any grade

Tools Covered: 

  • Primary Corrections
  • Luts via Truelight
  • Hue Angle Secondary Correction
  • Windows / Preset Shapes
  • Adding Camera Shake / Grain
  • Check out my video insight below to find out more!

– Dan

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