Thinking Like A Colorist – Considering Final Contrast Pt. 1

October 2, 2016

Considering Final Contrast before you make your first primary correction is a huge advantage creatively to help you get the best results


Which tool should I chose for this shot?

I’m kicking off a new series based on how to think like a colorist. I spend my days grading every kind of project imaginable and the mosts important decision happens instinctually before I even touch the first control. This series will focus on the thought process that goes into each grade.

What are we trying to achieve with contrast?

The first thing that happens when I grade is not think about what camera it was shot on, how compressed the source footage might be or even what is possible to do in the grade.

My first thought is where would I like this to end up?

The reason this is such an important decision is I use totally different controls to create my primary contrast look depending on what kind of project that I’m working on.

For our contrast options we can use :

Lift Gamma Gain

Log Controls

Luma Only Lift Gamma Gain

Offset / Printer Lights

Contrast & Pivot



Each one of these tools plays such a different result in the look of the final contrast of the image.

Lets┬ájump over to my video insight below and I’ll start by showing you my latest showreel and speaking through my contrast decisions and demonstrating the difference in the toolsets.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave a comment!


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