Shot Matching – Match My Shot Pt 2

April 16, 2016
Dan Moran C.S.I.

Dan shares his node breakdown from his match my shot challenge including a downloadable Resolve project

Lots of you tried matching my shot and Andreas got very very close!

I have to confess that I purposely made that grade as tricky and twisted as possible.

I used lots of techniques to but tints in certain areas and then pull it back in others.

The reason I did this is was to show how we all think differently.

Lets jump into the shot below and I’ll explain what and why I did it!

The Grade

First off download my Resolve Project or the DRX file and take a look.

I graded this shot on my system in a natural way so please excuse the mess!

Make sure your RAW settings match mine for this clip

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 08.13.32

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