Responsible Grading – Grading With Revisions In Mind

August 7, 2016

Sometimes we get lost in the heat of the moment and over complicate our grades. Dan shares his tips for responsible grading when time is short


Can Bad Organisation Cost You Long Term?

In this Insight we take a look at some examples of Dan’s real world grades, you’ll see how in the heat of the moment building complex node graphs can have a knock on effect. When working in commercials with 5-10 people having an opinion on your grade planning ahead is essential.

Why Are Complex Node Graphs An Issue?

If you are grading for yourself with no time pressure they not an issue!

If you are grading with a room full of people who’s opinion changes quicker than an Irish summer (In Ireland we joke that summer normally only lasts a weekend before it starts raining again) it can be a nightmare.

In this Insight, I’ll share some of my own bad node graphs that caused me difficulty and my solution for moving forward

The main issues I’ve run into is painting myself into a corner. I’ve found in the effort to please my director I have gone for very extreme looks but when the clients send the usual feedback of :

  • It’s too dark make it brighter
  • Can we make the product pop more?
  • This seems very noisy. Can we please remove this noise?
  • At 00:23 the actors face is slightly too dark for 3 frames. Can we lift this?
  • I’m sure you all get the picture at this stage!

Let’s jump over to my video insight for some examples and my thoughts for moving forward.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave a comment!


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