Photochemical Grading – Part One

Look Library – Halloween Slasher

October 29, 2014

Dan shows you how he built a Halloween Slasher Look inspired by classic 80s movies for a recent teaser commercial for Halloween.

Look Library – Halloween Slasher

With it being that time of year when ghosts and slashers roam the earth I thought it would be fun to share a new look for you look library. I just graded a commercial this week for a Halloween Slasher spot where the directors brief was super simple.

Make it look like a cheesy 80s slasher movie!

Here is one of those spots!

giffgaff x Halloween – Coming soon

More and more of these clips will be appearing soon so if you’d like to see more please check out this link.

It was a great chance to turn things up to eleven when it comes to color balance, crunching that contrast and pushing the saturation.

Unfortunately this look isn’t the most versatile and you wont be using it on your next car commercial but when the time comes you’ll have it in the bag!

Check out my video insight below to find out more!

– Dan

Photochemical Grading – Part One

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