Using Node Based PTZR For Lens Spot Removal

Using Node-Based PTZR For Lens Spot Removal (in DaVinci Resolve)

October 29, 2013

Learn how you can create a window and use the new node PTZR controls hide a dead pixel, water spot or other unwanted item in that shot.

Do you have a spot or a smudge on the lens? Maybe an annoying object on screen?  For quite a while, Resolve colorists have wanted an easy way of removing unwanted things like a spot on the lens without having to jump out to tools like After Effects and Mocha. Well, in Resolve 10 (and later) simple rotoscoping is now a reality with power windows and node based PTZR control.

In this movie, I’ll show you how you can quickly create a window targeting a matching portion of a shot and then use the new node PTZR controls to “move” the section within the power window to cover up a spot or other unwanted item in the shot.

– Robbie

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