An Introduction into Shot Matching

February 9, 2016

Shot Matching is one of the hardest areas of being a colorist. Dan shares his approach to going head to head with mismatched shots.

It’s time to enter the gladiator’s arena that is matching shots. In this arena, colorists do battle with mismatched camera settings, lighting, and makeup issues.

Shot matching is the hardest area of color grading and in all honesty where I spend most of my time. With that in mind welcome to my first insight in a series about this battle.

This insight is an introduction to how I approach matching.

I’ve taken a few totally opposite shots and show how shots don’t have to match exactly to work. It’s more about the feeling and natural flow between the footage rather than what the scopes tell you.

I’m going to shoot lots of footage on my BMD pocket camera for some examples of how real-world matching works.



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7 thoughts on “An Introduction into Shot Matching”

  1. Potential for an amazing series. Also very interesting to see a completely different approach to the same subject compared to Patricks structured methodical way of working. More roads lead to Rome and whichever fits best to your style of driving you will take. There are high speed multi laned freeways , or small rural sandy roads etc etc (ps i actualy worked in Rome for a few months and took all kinds of roads litteraly. Amazing place…)

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