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Enterprise Group Membership

Enterprise subscriptions* are for multi-user access**

Enterprise subscriptions are a fantastic add-on for any organization that has multiple creatives needing to stay up-to-date on the latest in DaVinci Resolve or digital color grading. A single Group Leader purchases multiple logins (seats) and assigns, reassigns, or revokes those seats within a simple unified dashboard.

Enterprises discounts begin at 20% and scale to 35% discounts for companies purchasing 50+ seats (compared to equivalent Individual Annual subscriptions).

Is the plan you’re looking for not listed? Contact us for a custom quote!

*Mixing Light’s Terms and Conditions allow corporations to download and store Mixing Light videos to internal corporate servers – but only as long as a Mixing Light Enterprise subscription is maintained.

**Practice Projects and Stand-Alone Courses are NOT included in an Enterprise Subscription.

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EDU Group Membership

EDU subscriptions are for learning institutions*

EDU subscriptions are designed to support structured classrooms and require approval by Mixing Light. Professors wanting to incorporate the Mixing Light Insights Library into their curriculum are invited to Apply for a free account.

Once approved, Instructors invite each student to subscribe to a 7-month, non-recurring, Streaming Membership to the Insights Library – at a 65% discount over normal Individual monthly accounts. A minimum of 8 students is required for an EDU group account.

*Practice Projects and Stand-Alone Courses are NOT included in an EDU Subscription.

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Check out our individual subscription plans page for more details.

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Enterprise Group Membership EDU Group Membership
Group Manager Dashboard details Enterprise Yes EDU Yes
Insights Library Access details Enterprise Yes EDU Yes
Full Articles details Enterprise Yes EDU Yes
Video & Podcast Streaming details Enterprise Yes EDU Yes
Video & Podcast Downloads details Enterprise Yes EDU No
Lifetime Price-Lock details Enterprise Yes EDU No
Recurring Subscription details Enterprise Yes EDU No
Access to Courses & Practice Projects? details Enterprise No EDU No
Enterprise Group Membership
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EDU Group Membership
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Feature Details

Group Manager Dashboard

Group managers can assign, reassign, or revoke access to individual logins from a single, simple interface.

Insight Library Access

Our Insight Library has over 800 articles, videos & podcasts centered around color correction (with a heavy emphasis on DaVinci Resolve).

Full Articles

Mixing Light members get full access to all our articles and Insights (normally hidden to non members).

Video Streaming

Stream our Insight content from anywhere on any device, with no limits or quotas!

Video Downloads

Enterprise subscribers can download videos and podcasts to corporate-owned servers and hard drives.

Lifetime Price-Lock

We guarantee a "price-lock" for paid subscription memberships as long as the account never lapses or cancels.

Recurring Subscriptions

Enterprise memberships automatically renew - but can easily be canceled from the My Account page. EDU memberships are single purchase, 7-month subscriptions and do not renew.

Access to Courses/Practice Projects?

Enterprise and EDU memberships do NOT have access to stand-alone Practice Projects or Courses - but do qualify for member-only discounts.


Commonly asked Questions & Answers

How do Enterprise Accounts differ from Individual Accounts?

Enterprise accounts allow a single Mixing Light account to purchase access to our Insights Library for multiple individuals/employees. Since our licensing does not allow multiple individuals to share the same login, Enterprise accounts purchase multiple logins (seats) that are individually assigned based on email addresses. The Enterprise Account Manager can assign, reassign, or revoke access to every seat in their account from a single simple interface. Each seat has its own unique login and password.

The Account Manager never needs to micromanage passwords (Mixing Light handles that).

Account Managers can also see the 'date of most recent login' for each seat (Mixing Light forces login every two weeks) - this helps to identify accounts that can be reassigned to other team members.

How do EDU Accounts differ from Individual Accounts?

EDU accounts provide students deep discounts on non-recurring subscriptions to the Mixing Light Insights Library. A Professor must be integrating the Insights Library into their Curriculum for EDU pricing. Our goal is to support 'Flipped Classrooms,' using Mixing Light to teach foundational topics and allowing professors and instructors to work with students in classrooms on those things requiring direct student-teacher interaction.

Professors may request EDU access to the Insights Library. Once approved, Professors have complimentary access to the Insights Library to prepare student assignments.

From the Group Account Dashboard, Instructors send invitation emails to their final roster of students. Students then gain access to discounted, 7-month non-recurring membership. EDU accounts are Streaming-only plans. The Group Account Dashboard informs the Instructor of which students have signed up and their date of last login (Mixing Light forces login every two weeks).

Instructors must have at least 8 students sign up to maintain their complimentary access and EDU student pricing offerings.

Does Membership Also Unlock Your 'Color Courses' and 'Practice Projects'?

The Insights Color Library membership was the only product we offered when Mixing Light launched in 2013. Over the years we've added Color Courses, and in 2017 we added Practice Projects. Each of these is a separate purchase.

An Insights Library Membership gives you access to the entire Insights Library (everything under the "Color Library" tab). Only a tiny percentage of that material is ever made available in front of the 'paywall'. Your monthly fee goes to ensuring we provide 6-12 pieces of content every month and helps us compensate outside Contributors (who are also experts in this domain). The Insights Color Library can be thought of as an internet-age continuing education product.

Color Courses and Practice Projects are stand-alone self-contained downloadable products. You can think of them of one-shot learning; they're narrow in focus and only get updated if there are significant changes to the particular version of the software that training is teaching. Most of Color Courses have licensing agreements we pay out on every sale - and even if we wanted to include them in the Insights Library, those agreements preclude us.

But... as a Bonus for being an Insights Color Library member, you get exclusive discounts to Color Courses and Practice Projects - you only need to be logged in and your discounts are applied automatically.

How Often Is New Content Added To The Color Library?

Every month you can expect to see 6 – 12 new pieces of content released on a monthly basis. The exact number and mix of Video, Text and Audio articles will vary from month to month. The exact release schedule will also vary from week-to-week and month-to-month.

Can I Download Video & Audio From The Library?

Premium subscribers (quarterly & annual) can download video and audio content from the Library to their own computer. 7-Day Test Drive members & monthly members are limited to streaming only.

Do You Accept Paypal?

We do not. PayPal limits the ability of our members to manage their payment details directly on our website. Our payment processor (Stripe) gives members full-featured, secure control over their credit card and debit card details, directly from our website... without us keeping ANY of that information on our servers.

Are My Payment Details Safe On Your Site?

Yes! Mixing Light doesn't store any payment details on our site. Our payment processor Stripe processes billions in transactions each year and is one of the most trusted online payment processors. Stripe employs the strictest levels of encryption on all transactions. Every session on Mixing Light is also protected with Strict SSL protocols, securing EVERY page, not just the payment pages.

Our SSL certificate authority is LetsEncrypt - an open source SSL provider supported by Mozilla, Google, and Cisco. We've decided not to go the Extended Validation route due to the well-publicized abuse of certificate authorities handing them out like candy, resulting in Google downgrading the trust of EV certificates and diminishing their value for legitimate e-commerce sites like Mixing Light.

Do You Offer Refunds?

If after becoming a member you decide to cancel you can do so from the 'My Account' page where you can manage all details of your subscription. You will have full access to the site until the end of your current billing cycle. Premium subscribers are typically granted refunds if they ask early enough in their subscription period.

Can I Request A Particular Topic Be Covered?

Of course! If you have any thoughts or areas you would be interested in seeing us cover please go straight to our Contact Us form and let us know. We’re always listening to what you say and need so we can offer the best topics for our members.