Inspired By Lacoste, Timeless – Learning From An Award Winning Grade

May 30, 2018

What makes an award-winning grade so special? Dan attempts to break down what made the Lacoste, Timeless commercial so special and how we can pick up some tips to use on our own grades.


What Makes An Award-Winning Grade?

I’m back with another look at one of the British Arrows nominated grades.

This one is extra special as it took first place!

If you would like to check out my previous insight where I took a look at each competitor please do so right here 2018 British Arrow Awards Insight

Inspired By: Lacoste, Timeless


Long-term Mixing Light members probably know how much I love Jean-Clement’s work. He’s my favourite colourist and pretty much wins everything here in the UK or has done at some stage.

He’s graded feature films, countless commercials and continues to stay on the bleeding edge of grading trends.

I’m going to speak about his latest award-winning commercial above and what we can learn from it and take to our own everyday grades.

In the video Insight below I’ll take a look at

  • How Sharp It Is
  • Lack Of Grain
  • Consistent Look Throughout But Time Still Passes
  • What The Typical Look For This Era Is
  • Soften/Sharpen Tool
  • Making It Work On Some Other Footage

Now, let’s jump to the video and see if I can get inspired!


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