DaVinci Resolve 12 First Look : Colorist Crash Course

July 28, 2015

Resolve 12 is here and this insight is aimed to get experienced colorists up and running as soon as possible with some tips from Dan

Colorist Christmas has arrived and after months of waiting Resolve 12 is out!

If you haven’t already downloaded it: You can grab this beta software from Blackmagic’s website!

Here at Mixing Light, we have been lucky enough to participate in the private beta program. To varying degrees, we’ve been using Resolve 12 for the last couple of weeks and have been checking out all its features, new and old.

Now that the public beta is out we can finally share our initial insights as, er… Insights.

On first impression Resolve 12 is another powerful step forward for colorists, editors, and finishers alike. Blackmagic has added tons of new features ranging from nice to have ones to ‘oh my god how did I live without this?’

This insight is aimed at colorists that already know, use DaVinci Resolve and want an overview of where to find the new tools and a quick introduction to how they work.

Of course, you will be seeing lots of specific Resolve 12 Insights coming over the next couple of weeks and this is just the beginning. Watch my video insight below to find out more about Resolve 12!

– Dan

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Homepage Forums DaVinci Resolve 12 First Look : Colorist Crash Course

  • awesome! Also still trying to grasp the new keyer but guess ill figure it out slowly or use still use HSL as needed. Great crash course, Dan!

  • Why did they remove the grid behind the curves. Funny it’s in the icon though

  • Marc Wielage

    Good work, Dan — an excellent overview. The project backup options are also very good, but the 3D tracking and convert regular-to-Bezier PowerCurve Windows are the game-changers for me. I could use those on just about every shot, every day. Alexis’ new manual is also very good (all 1095 pages of it).

  • I’ve just installed the Beta, and so far I’m really liking the new interface, very refreshing. I can’t wait to test the new 3D things, but for now the big feature to me is Compound Nodes! Here’s a quick tip for easy navigation: once created, press Command while double clicking on a compound node to open it directly, then right click on the Compound Node in the level path (at the bottom of the nodes window) to go back at the root level. But anyone know how to ‘un-compound’ a node if needed ??

    EDIT: According to the manual (p.882), decompose a node function is not there yet (TBD). So maybe one should take care before nesting his node tree from everywhere. But now being able to create a look in one compound node, and then dial it back to taste using the key output gain (just like opacity in After Effects) will really speed things up.

  • Paul Willis

    Exciting stuff! Really enjoying it so far. I’m going to feel grumpy going to work in suites that are still on 11…

  • here is to hoping they comes back. Submit it as an “innocent” bug report, assuming it was forgotten and maybe it will be picked up as a “bug” and not a feature (per the recent mailbag). Trying to work on LAB and its really tough w/o it

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