Tricky DSLR Footage

Damage Control – Working With Tricky DSLR Footage

March 10, 2015

Working with Tricky DSLR footage can be frustrating. Dan pulls out some awful clips from his archive and does his best to fix them.


Damage Control – Working With Tricky DSLR Footage

In my last insight I took a look at my approach to when I have to give DSLR footage a look to hide the DSLR feeling of the image.

This week I’m creating this insight based on the brilliant comment from Alex asking about dealing with Tricky¬†DSLR footage.

Well finding bad DSLR footage can be tricky as people don’t like to share their bad work. In an effort to answer Alex’s question I dived into my archive and found some awful clips I shot myself!

Filmed on the earliest 5d firmware where we were stuck shooting at 30fps I found some bad clips and did my best to fix them for you guys!

I’d love to do more in this area so please do send me your questions and bad clips!

– Dan

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