How to Create a Custom Log Grading Keyboard Shortcut (With A Little Magic)

How to Create a Custom Log Grading Keyboard Shortcut (With A Little Magic)

November 16, 2013

In Davinci Resolve, learn how to create a custom Log Grading keyboard shortcut - giving quick access to this 3-Way Color Correction panel.

How to Magically Create Your Own Custom Log Grading Keyboard Shortcut (In DaVinci Resolve)

For over a year, DaVinci Resolve users have expressed their desire for a keyboard shortcut to access the LOG grading interface in Resolve. Despite these many complaints, Blackmagic did not add that functionality into the newly released Resolve 10 software.

Actually, that’s not true: If you’ve purchasing a full set of $30,000 Resolve panels – THEN you have one-button access to the Log Grading tools.

The rest of us? Out of luck. That is… until now.

Where there’s a will…
I’m about to share with you a nifty way to create your own keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve (or any other bit of software). And it can be used to access any interface element – not just the Log Grading wheels.

There are two caveats to this workflow:

  • First, it’s hard coded to your current screen resolution. This workflow should be created at the specific screen resolution you’ll normally use – otherwise it’ll break down.
  • Second, the workflow I’m going to describe is Mac only.

With those things in mind, here’s how to map a keyboard shortcut to LOG grading mode in DaVinci Resolve.

Getting Started

You’ll need to download a small, free shell application called Cliclick. This is short for Command Line Interface Click, and that’s just what it helps you do as you’ll see in a moment.

From the link above, download the DMG and install the binary file into your /usr/local/bin/ folder. Here’s the easiest way to find that folder:

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