How To Blend Between Color Corrections Into The 'Day For Night' Look

How To Blend Between Color Corrections Into The ‘Day For Night’ Look

July 4, 2013

DaVinci Resolve's node tree makes it tough dissolving between two completely different Looks. Learn how to do it easily, without getting lost in keyframes.


This is the second part in my Day for Night series. And this one deals with a thorny problem in DaVinci Resolve’s Node Tree.

Day for Night looks can get really confusing when we need to show a seamless change from Day to the ‘Day for Night’ color correction. Especially if your ‘Day for Night’ node tree in DaVinci Resolve is complicated. The node tree doesn’t make it easy to dissolve between two completely different corrections. Especially if you use Keyframes to make the transition.

It’s a problem that used to bother me all the time. I’d start adding keyframes while the client was barking changes at me I’d end up getting confused and lost in keyframe hell. I swapped over to a new method which is much better a couple of months ago and haven’t looked back since.

I think you’ll love this method of blending between two totally different Looks, which I use frequently in ‘Day for Night’ transition sequences. Check out the video below to find out more! 


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