LUT Limitation

LUT Limitation – The Best Of Both Worlds

November 3, 2015
Dan Moran C.S.I.

The main pain when working with LUTs is not knowing exactly what they are doing. Dan shares his technique of LUT Limitation.

LUT Limitation – The Best Of Both Worlds

As the captain of negativity when it comes to working with LUTs I have good news for once. After some experimentation I stumbled upon the idea of LUT limitation and it seems to work!

I had a great week grading and after working on another job where using a LUT would have been useful but I was afraid to use them I took another stab at using them.

The idea and technique is simple and effective but I have to admit I never thought about it until this week.

Check out my video below and try it for your self!

This won’t make everyone happy but I think it’s worth having in the back of your mind just in case!


– Dan

LUT Limitation

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