Color Washes – Working With Extreme Washes

Color Washes – Working With Extreme Washes

May 27, 2015

Color washes are the most extreme form of grading but can be very rewarding when done well. Dan shows you how he thinks they work best.

Color Washes – Working With Extreme Washes


Color washes can be some of the most stylised and loved looks a colorist can create but I find there is a very definite line on which projects they can be used on.

In this insight I’ll start by showing you how I like to use them. Below is a music video shot by good friend and DOP Stephen Murphy he is the master of using color on set to create depth and the great blocky color washes I’m speaking of.

The video was heavily influenced by Drive so check it out before watching my insight to see what kind of looks I am speaking of!

The look is less evident in the outdoor tennis scenes and more in the internal shots later in the video.

Now that you know what kind of looks and feel I was aiming to achieve lets jump over to my video below so I can explain how I like to work with washes!

– Dan

Color Washes – Working With Extreme Washes

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