Resolve 11 – New Matte Finesse Controls

July 7, 2014

Resolve 11 - New Matte Finesse Controls brings some great refinements to the qualifier controls. Clipping and noise reduction make pulling keys easier than ever!

When you open up Resolve 11 you’ll notice that a few familiar qualifier controls have changed. The DaVinci team have been hard at work refining and improving the qualification options available to us and unleashed them in Resolve 11. The new tools are aimed at pulling keys from more difficult footage and includes new options such as :

  • Denoiser
  • Black Clip
  • White Clip
  • Blur
  • In / Out Ratio

Each of these tools is new or has been refined in some way and let me tell you they make a big difference!

At the moment I’m still practicing with the new options and integrating them into my creative grading process.  The only way to instinctively know how and when to use your tools you just need to practice practice practice!

My advice is to try and think back to difficult keys from the past, reload them into a new Resolve 11 project and try and pull a better key than last time!

Check out my video below to see my introduction to the new tools.

– Dan

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Homepage Forums Resolve 11 – New Matte Finesse Controls

  • Verne Mattson

    Nice insight. I had a clip of body-paint models in front of a bright red sports car, and the new tools made it easy to isolate the red sports car. Working with the old isolation tools I picked up some of the model’s skin. But Black Clip and White Clip really helped to quickly dial in the key. It’s worth the time to play with the tools to get familiar with them!

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