Tips for pulling external keys in DaVinci Resolve

Tips and Tricks When Pulling External Keys (in DaVinci Resolve)

September 27, 2013

Do you ever wish you could work on a perfect duplicate of an HSL key you created in DaVinci Resolve? Learn tricks for doing that (and avoid copy/pasting).

Has this happened to you? You pull an HSL key on a face and kick the Saturation up to 100—but you still want more saturation and the slider won’t go any further… what do you do?

Well – you could try and recreate your key in another Node and then add more saturation in the next node… but if you make any revisions to your HSL key, then you have to recreate the new key in the other node. This gets tedious, fast.

This Insight is about how you can avoid getting yourself into these ‘circular operations’. Instead, there’s a smarter way of doing this.

This insight covers several ways to perfectly duplicate the HSL keys you create with some simple techniques—and some outside the box thinking. Hope you guys find it useful!

– Rob

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4 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks When Pulling External Keys (in DaVinci Resolve)”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Nice tip on Copy / Paste – it’s definitely quicker that the outside node / invert key way I’ve done till now.
    One tip back at you though is if you convert the parallel node to a layer mixer then the key layer is twice as strong because it’s sitting on the B&W layer rather than mixing with it. However, you wouldn’t be able to do the copy / paste trick as the extra layers would just mask over the one below.


    1. Thanks Michael,

      These type of interactions are exactly why this site is so great. Much of what we do as colorists is just a manner of thinking about things in different ways. Never thought of this one, but I see how it can be effective. Thanks for the tip!

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