Matching Pantone References – And When To Say No

November 19, 2016

Matching Pantone references to video can be tricky at the best of the times. Get advice on getting that exact match - even if it's not precisely correct.

Battling Video Reality Vs Print Brand Colors

Anyone working in commercials or branded content knows the pain and detail needed when matching Pantone references and brand guidelines.

If this is something new to you just visualize how a coca-cola bottle always has the same red no matter where in the world it was filmed or graded. This is due to people setting out a definitive reference color that all productions must follow

In this insight, I show you how I match the reference and also approach – avoiding the problem that the precise match is almost always too saturated and bright!

Brand Colors In Action

Here is a commercial I graded last year that almost every shot features brand colors.

You can see that anytime the purple appears it matches the branded Pantone color:

Cadbury: Advent Calendar from Big Buoy on Vimeo.

Now, let’s jump over to my Insight Video below to continue!

Enjoy and ask questions in the comments.


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