Creative Soft Clipping in DaVinci Resolve

Creatively Using Soft Clipping in DaVinci Resolve

March 29, 2013

'Clipping' image detail is considered bad. But learn how to use DaVinci Resolve's 'soft clipping' control for great creative effect.

Creative Soft Clipping

Almost all tutorials or books about color grading will emphasise the importance of not clipping your image (and yes clipping is BAD)!

But sometimes clipping can be your friend.

I use it as a creative technique to emulate some filmstocks or print looks and it’s great to have in your toolkit for situations where the director wants to grunge it up or send it back to the 1970’s

Learn how to do this in Resolve. I’ll also show off the rarely used (and almost hidden tools) of both soft clipping and the YSFX sliders. My goal is to unlock some new ideas for you!


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