The Fundamentals of Color Correcting for Beauty

The Fundamentals of Color Correcting for Beauty

April 11, 2013

Have you ever needed to improve how an actor 'looks' in a video? Learn the basics of how the pros do it in this Beauty Grading 101 video.

The Fundamentals of Beauty Grading

“Is There Anything We Can Do For This Actor?”

Have you ever wondered what to do when a director asks you to “help out” an actor or actress in a scene?

And by ‘help out’, they’re usually referring the actor’s skin and eyes.

In this Insights article I cover the fundamental ideas behind beauty grading. Sometimes you just need to pop their eyes out a little bit and sometimes you need to soften skin, boost hair color and add shadows to give the image depth. I cover using windows, tracking, using the mist control and guide you step by step through how to achieve giving your actors an invisible helping handle

– Dan

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