Mixing Light – April 19 Update

Patrick Inhofer

What’s New on Mixing Light – April 19

New to the Insights Library

ML 0027: Adding Depth Part 2: Localized Contrast Dan Moran: In this article Dan focuses on adding depth and texture to an image using the age old technique of dodging and burning. By layering up the areas of lightness and darkness we can add an extra 20% to our image to take it to that commercial finish.

ML 0031: Beauty Grading 101: An IntroductionDan Moran: In this Insights article Dan covers the fundamental ideas behind beauty grading. “Sometimes you just need to pop their eyes out a little bit and sometimes you need to soften skin, boost hair color and add shadows to give the image depth. I cover using windows, tracking, using the mist control and guide you step by step through how to achieve giving your actors an invisible helping hand.”

ML 0014: The 3-Band Technique: Using Bands of Color and Contrast To GradeRobbie Carman: This technique uses three Power Windows to create three zones of color and contrast – or bands or stripes for complete control over the image. The neat thing that Robbie loves about this technique: it has its background in classical painting and is one of his go to techniques for outdoor shots that need a little love.

ML 0034: Adding Depth Part 3: Sharpen and BlurDan Moran: Have you ever noticed HD commercials and feature films always seem unbelievably sharp? Thats probably because they had a helping hand in post production. A little sharpen in the grade can help an image jump off the screen. In this article Dan shows you his method and thinking behind sharpening an image.

ML 0017: FCP X Color Board Fundamentals Part 1: Exposure ControlsPat Inhofer: In this article, we’ll explore FCPx’s Exposure tool – which may give us an idea as to which controls we want to grab first when initially setting the contrast in a shot. In later articles we’ll take a look at the Color and Saturation pucks – finally coming up with a ‘best practice’ to help us become as efficient as possible when color correcting within FCPx.

Membership News

Thank YOU! – MixingLight officially launched almost two week ago at NAB and we couldn’t be more thrilled at its reception. We’ve had a ton of new members sign up… many without even taking a Test Drive. To all of you we say: Thank YOU! And to those who have taken the Test Drive: Thank you for checking us out. Remember, we’re still in the launch phase and our monthly pricing will never be as low as it is now and you can lock it in now. The price will rise on May 15.

Website Changes – The Mixing Light team had its first post-Launch, post-NAB Wednesday night conference call (it’s our standing meeting time). We combed through the website looking for tweaks we want to make and here are just a few changes we’ll be making in the coming weeks:

  • Insights Library: Sort by release date – Currently, the Insights Library sorts by Article Number. But we don’t always release articles in numerical order (for a variety of reasons). This makes it hard for members to find the newest releases. You’ll soon have a new sort option (which we’ll make default) that displays the Insights Library from newest to oldest.
  • Change Password: This one got by us… In the next week we’ll release a ‘My Details’ page, which will allow you to change your password and view the details of your membership.
  • Commenting Rules: We love it when people comment on articles and blog posts. But we also want to foster a healthy community – and there’s no better way than to require all commenters to use their First and Last name. Going forward, all first-time commenters will need their posts approved by a Moderator who will enforce this rule.
  • Insights Article Request Form: Patrick is exploring a few social tools that allows Members and Test Drivers to request Insights Articles and vote them up – to help us tailor this site to your needs. We’re not quite sure when this will roll out – but it’ll happen.

Happy Grading!

– Team Mixing Light