Mixing Light – May 24 Update

Dan Moran

What’s New on Mixing Light – May 24

New to the Insights Library

(presented in the order in which they were released)

ML0035: Arri Alexa Processing Workflows [SpeedGrade]Robbie Carman: You learn how to access the new Arri Raw processing capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. And breaking the one-thought rule for Insights Library articles, Robbie also shows you how to apply looks developed in SpeedGrade directly to footage in Premiere Pro.

ML0028: From the Mailbag, Episode 1Team Mixing Light: Our first podcast where we answer members questions. In this episode: What do I do if my client takes my grade to someone else to make revisions… and they bad-mouth me in the process? How to handle clients peppering us with non-color correction tech questions? And how do we handle the problem of ‘Grandma’s Pink Television’?

ML0037: Adding Depth, Apply Techniques to Video – Dan Moran: Dan takes the techniques he’s explored using Photoshop and starts applying them to moving images.

ML0030: Waveforms: Avid vs Resolve Patrick Inhofer: When you’re grading and working between Avid and Resolve… where should you set your black levels: To 16 bit as shown on Symphony or 0 bits as shown on Resolve? It’s a bit of a trick question.

ML0041: Adding Additional Layers in SpeedGrade Robbie Carman: In this article, Robbie shows you how easy it is to add additional layers and elements (different than grading layers) to a timeline in Adobe SpeedGrade (CS6 and CC) so that you can integrate other project elements into the timeline.

ML0036: Review – Sony BVM-F250A OLED Display Robbie Carman: Robbie just purchased and received a Sony BVM-F250A OLED reference monitor and shares his initial impressions and information about it in this review. From his purchase decision to how accurate the monitor is out of the box… Robbie covers all the bases on this high-end OLED display.

ML 0038: Adding Depth To Video : Localized ContrastDan Moran: In this Insights Article, Dan focuses on adding depth and texture to an image using the techniques we learned earlier in this series and applies them to moving images.

New to the Blog

Be Proud of your TalentDan Moran: Suggestions on how to deal with clients who may be put off if you’re grading with ‘free’ software… without talking down other systems.

Membership News

Discussions – Patrick’s article on the difference between Avid and Resolve’s waveforms has sparked a few responses. Check it out and add your thoughts.

How to join in the Discussion – Some members aren’t familiar with our 3rd party commenting system, Disqus. To comment on an article you’ll need to log in a second time via the Disqus system… you’re not automatically signed in when logging into Mixing Light. You can use one of your social media accounts to log in or create a free account with Disqus. We’ve decided to use this commenting system since it’s very popular, is a central place where you can manage your comments on any blog that uses Disqus and it offers features that allow members to see conversations going on across the entire MixingLight website. So go ahead, log in to Disqus and join the conversation!

Insights Filtering Kind’a Broken – In the Insights Library if you click on one of the filters, it seems they’re not working. The options to sort by Library Number or Release Date ARE working… we’re aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Ask Us Your Questions – Have a question you’d like Team Mixing Light to discuss? Just ask. We’re getting ready to do another ‘From the Mailbag’ and would love to know what’s been bothering you.

Happy Grading!

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