Is Resolve’s Cut Page mystifying or illogical?

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 102:

Learning To Edit On Resolve’s Cut Page
& Speed Editor

Does editing in the Cut Page feel overly difficult and exhausting, or does it make no sense? This Course teaches the fundamentals of non-linear editing on the Cut Page – plus how to ‘up your game’ with the Blackmagic Speed Editor. When completed, you will worry less about the software and focus on bringing your stories to life.

Getting Started with the Cut Page & Speed Editor

The Illogical
Made logical

Resolve’s Cut Page has a few fundamentally strange behaviors. If you’re new to video editing, the differences between editing commands can make little sense. Experienced editors feel like the Cut Page is dumbed down and actively working against them.

This Course helps newcomers overcome their initial struggles and experienced pros understand that the Cut Page’s simplicity makes it much more powerful than they imagined. Plus, learn how the add-on Blackmagic Speed Editor is game-changing fast for pulling your stories together – no matter your experience.

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Meet your instructor

Patrick Inhofer is a post production professional with 30+ years of experience. He first worked on a non-linear editor in 1992 – using Avid version 3 (on the 1992 HBO series ‘The Babysitter’s Club’). In the early 2000’s he transitioned to a career finisher and colorist. He’s co-founder and owner of

Patrick has demystified DaVinci Resolve for thousands of students and professionals at Universities, workshops, conferences, and online courses – starting with DaVinci Resolve 8.

Mixing Light’s 3-Step Learning Process:

The Muscle Memory Method

Free Previews From This Course

Lesson 4: Prepping Sound For Interview Footage

How to modify the active audio channels for clips in preparation for editing.

Lesson 29: Audio Trim View

This feature is easily overlooked but extremely powerful for fine-tuning your edit.

Lesson 16: Using The Smart Insert To Bypass Timeline Marks

Using the smart indicator to help you work more quickly.

Lesson 36: Using The Speed Editor’s Search Dial – Part 2

Learn how to ‘dig down’ while in the Source Tape view. 

Lesson 46: Final Thoughts On The DaVinci Resolve Cut Page

Patrick offers some concluding thoughts on why the Cut Page is worth learning – and how he uses it.

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Additional Details

  • The fundamentals in this course are relevant to all recent versions of DaVinci Resolve and was recorded in DaVinci Resolve 17.
  • Resolve 18 updates, if necessary, will be added in September 2022
  • Works with both the free and paid versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • 30-Day Refund – No questions asked (not available after the Bonus Insights Library membership is activated; not available if purchased with Member Credits)
  • Includes Project Media for assembling and editing – building your DaVinci Resolve Cut Page muscle memory.
  • Runtime: 3h 23m
  • 47 Individual Lessons
  • 593.6 MB Project and Footage Download
  • Streaming, up to 1080p
  • Online Learning System to keep track of your progress

From our DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 101: The Quickstart Course you should understand:

  • Importing media and organizing it into bins
  • How a project flows through DaVinci Resolve and its Pages
  • The basic layout of the Cut Page user interface
  • The foundational concepts of non-linear editing covered in the Quickstart

If you are having problems with stuttering playback, then you may want to consider our Davinci Resolve 102: Optimizations and Workflows course for a more fluid and enjoyable editing experience.

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Enroll in this training course to quickly enhance your understanding and comfort with Resolve's Cut Page and the Blackmagic Speed Editor.

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What's Included
  • Fundamental topics in this course are applicable to all recent versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • Recorded on Resolve 17. Resolve 18 updates are coming in September 2022
  • Can be used with the Free and Studio versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy (no refunds after activation of 15-day access to Mixing Light's Tutorial Library)
  • Online learning management system streams the lessons to your computer and helps you keep track of your progress
  • Bonus: Includes 15-day access to Mixing Light's Tutorial Library - with over 1,000 individual tutorials (not available to active members of the Insights Library) for only $5US.
  • A few lessons in this Training directly link to additional content in the Insights Library - extending your learning. (requires separate access to the Mixing Light Tutorial Library)
  • To follow along with the Module on the Blackmagic Speed Editor, you need to own the Speed Editor (or just watch the lessons to help you decide if that purchase is for you)