Is DaVinci Resolve Frustrating You?

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 101:
The Quickstart

Stop the struggle. Mixing Light’s introductory course (with downloadable practice footage) teaches the core logic behind any version of DaVinci Resolve – and gets you back to telling great stories.

Introduction To DaVinci Resolve

End Your Frustration

DaVinci Resolve is a fantastic platform for digital video creatives. But we know it’s a struggle to learn.

This Course helps you make sense of Resolve’s complexity, quickly – without dumbing down the workflow. When you’re finished, a few hours later, get back to focusing on your storytelling.

Watch the Course overview

Patrick Inhofer, Colorist

Meet your instructor

Patrick Inhofer is a post production professional with 30+ years of experience. He started as an editor and transitioned his career into a colorist. He’s also co-founder and CEO of

Patrick has demystified DaVinci Resolve for thousands of students and professionals at Universities, workshops, conferences, and in online courses – staring with DaVinci Resolve 8.

Mixing Light’s 3-Step Learning Process:

The Muscle Memory Method

Free Previews From This Course

Lesson 6: The Grand Tour of DaVinci Resolve, Part 2

Learn how to flow projects through DaVinci Resolve

Lesson 24: Building A Rough Cut On The Cut Page

How do you start editing on the Cut Page – using the footage and script in this Course?

Lesson 9: Essential System and User Preferences

What are the main preferences you should set first?

Lesson 49: Targeting Fixes – Hue vs Saturation vs Curves

Get comfortable adjusting your images on the Color Page

Lesson 56: Setting Track-Level Audio Levels

* 15-day Membership is offered at $5 and is not a subscription.
Membership is activated only when you’re ready for it.
**This Training is NOT included with a Mixing Light membership. Active Members earn credits to gain free access to Resolve Fundamentals training courses.

Additional Details

  • The fundamentals in this course are relevant to all recent versions of DaVinci Resolve and was recorded in DaVinci Resolve 17.
  • Resolve 18 updates, if necessary, will be added at the end of the Public Beta period
  • Works with both the free and paid versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • 30-Day Refund – No questions asked (not available after the Bonus Insights Library membership is activated; not available if purchased with Member Credits)
  • Includes Project Media, VO, and scripts for assembling, editing, color correcting, audio mixing, and rendering – to build your DaVinci Resolve muscle memory.
  • Runtime: 6h 52m
  • 64 Individual Lessons
  • 1.2 GB Project and Footage Download
  • Streaming, up to 1080p
  • Online Learning System to keep track of your progress

Training Access

Get introduced to DaVinci Resolve in a structured approach, guided by a 30+ year professional editor, colorist, and instructor.

This Training course is a stand-alone purchase and does NOT require a Mixing Light membership. Active members of the Mixing Light Insights Tutorial Library earn credits toward unlocking this training. All memberships are awarded 3 credits when activated (once per account) and then accrue 1 credit every month a membership is 'active'.

$39.00 USD


You can unlock this training with 3 credits

What's Included
  • Fundamental topics that apply to DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and later
  • Recorded on DaVinci Resolve 17
  • If needed, updates for DaVinci Resolve 18 will be added when the final version is released
  • Can be used with the Free and Paid version of DaVinci Resolve
  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy (no refunds after activation of 15-day free access to Mixing Light's Tutorial Library)
  • Online learning management system streams the lessons to your computer and helps you keep track of your progress
  • Bonus: Includes 15-day streaming access to Mixing Light's Tutorial Library - with over 1,000 individual tutorials (not available to active members of the Insights Library).