analog damage

My Favourite New Feature In Resolve 16 – Analog Damage

May 11, 2019

Dan shares his thoughts on recreating tape based artifacts using the brand new Resolve 16 Analog Damage tool.

The Power To Go Grungier Than Ever Thanks To Resolve 16!

As you know I am the prince of texture here on Mixing Light and Resolve 16 delivered an extra special feature called Analog Damage that is close to my heart.

The power to add analog warmth, noise, mush and general tape-based artefacts has arrived and it’s a great as I hoped.

The timing of r16 was absolutely perfect for me as I was working on a music video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in Resolve 15 and thought why not try out 16 and the shiny new tool.

The job involved placing noel and his band into a TV show from the 70s that had been recorded to tape and the analog damage really helped sell it in.

I used the signal noise section very heavily to match up to the 1″ tape from the 70s that the modern footage was being intercut with.

As it was being intercut I had to be very careful to make sure that it sat into the scene instead of being too strong or too weak.

It was a long process of tweakig and experimenting but I think the final grade is worth all the effort.

You should check out the video below.

Unfortunately this is not a behind the curtain Insight just yet as I need to work on my permissions but hopefully, I can do a full breakdown in the future!

In my video insight below we take a look at using analog damage in action and some of my favourite options.



analog damage

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