Frequency Seperation : An Introduction

Frequency Seperation : An Introduction

March 31, 2015

When working with skin it's quite easy to make it look false and over worked

Frequency Seperation : An Introduction

In this insight I take a look at an advanced technique for beauty grading. Inspired by the world of still retouching and built by the amazingly smart Benoit Cote it’s a technique that I’ve been learning and mastering myself over the last couple of jobs.

In a simple sentence it’s a must have technique when working in fashion. In the days of standard definition blurs and creative contrast and smoothing with noise reduction worked perfectly but if you are faced with a 30 second UHD fashion commercial people will be expecting a lot of re-touching

An Introduction

In this insight I only cover the basic fundamentals of working with this technique as it’s quite advanced but I will be diving deeper and further in future insights.

I hope to try this techniques in other areas. For me it feels like it can be used as part of a creative looks process so if any one has any requests or ideas please do let me know and make sure to cover them in future insights!

– Dan

Frequency Seperation : An Introduction

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