New Year’s Resolutions To Strengthen Your Color Grading Business

December 18, 2015

2016 is almost here!  Check out this Insight to discover some New Year's resolutions to strengthen your color grading business.

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Tom Parish has, for many years, been a great friend to Team Mixing Light.

His wit, insight and feedback in the early days of this site have helped, and will continue to help shape our focus of providing color grading training.

Recently, when I saw an article from Tom on Facebook entitled Why I’m Leaving The Color Grading Business I clicked with quite a bit of trepidation not knowing exactly what I was about to read, but what I found was a poignant, thoughtful, & heartfelt open letter that you can read here.

Like me, I’m sure after reading Tom’s letter, you respect the proverbial ‘balls’ it took to be that open and honest about a passion & business that was failing. I’m confident Tom will be just fine – he’s a smart, passionate guy who seems to have his priorities just right.

In many ways, I’m still digesting Tom’s letter – his feelings on family, time and other interests are things that ring true with me.

Reading the letter over again I started thinking a lot about how there are probably lots of us in Tom’s shoes.

In fact, after reading Tom’s letter, a few days later I was skimming through my Twitter feed and noticed that a European colorist that I follow, and think very highly of, had changed his tag line on his Twitter account to Used to be a full-time colorist. Looking For Work’.

Everyone’s personal and business circumstances are different. It would be irresponsible of me to speculate on what the person I follow on Twitter, Tom or thousands of other ‘former colorists’ could have done differently or what market forces put that person in the situation they currently find themselves in.

So instead, partly driven by the time of year (’tis the season) with all the talk about resolutions, planning and doing things differently in the coming year, has me thinking about how to strengthen my color grading business in 2016.

In this Insight, I’d like to share my top ‘resolutions’ for 2016 to help me strengthen my color grading business and hopefully my list and points will give you some things to think about.

I’d love to hear about what you have in mind for 2016 as well.  Please use the comments at the end of the Insight.

#1 Offering More Services

While color grading is the core service that I offer, there is a lot of room to continue to build upon that base with additional services.

I’m not talking about becoming a DP, or even doing something like offering DIT services. I think there are some core things that I can do to help me upsell current clients, and perhaps more importantly, tempt new clients.

Probably like you, I use the umbrella of color grading for everything I do.  While some of that is inevitable, I’m going to try hard in 2016 to push and market new services explicitly and not lump them under grading.

Here are some ways that I plan on diversifying my service options:

  • DCP Creation & QC – For some reason I’ve been scared of DCPs!  But a quick look at my records and at how many DCPs I farmed out to other vendors this year made me realize (and made me a little sick!) I need to bring DCP creation and DCP QC in house – ASAP.  To that end, I’ve recently invested in Final DCP and I’m currently looking at hardware DCP player solutions from Quvis and Doremi.
  • Remote Grading – At a certain point, you saturate a market or the market you’re in just doesn’t have enough work to keep you as busy as you want. One thing I’m going to expand upon in the coming year is my remote grading options. While I’d love to have the cache of Company 3 that allows them to setup remote viewing rooms in tons of cities, I’m thinking of remote grading in slightly different way. Using solutions from Streambox, Apple, and FSI, I have a very good idea on how to (finally) build a shippable system to send to clients and grade in real-time with them – more on that soon! The key to this is going to be advertising in other markets. I plan to attack this with the help of targeted Google Adwords campaign.
  • HDR Mastering – I’m 100% sold on HDR.  I think in many ways HDR will bring a dramatic change to the quality of the work we do.  In 2016, I plan to invest in and learn HDR to the best of my ability. And no, this is not a build it and hope they will come thing.  My HDR push is being driven by 2 long-time clients – remember, build it and they will come is dangerous!
  • Calibration For Clients – Yep, I’m sick of Grandma’s Pink TV.  I’m constantly aggravated like you probably are of clients making comments on non-calibrated displays. A new service I plan on offering clients is a calibration package. I’ll probably do this only with continuing clients, but I envision a package where I provide a client an eeColor, or AJA LUT box and my calibration services for their displays. I’m hoping this will save me a lot of headaches, but admittedly it’ll be a bit of hard sell for some clients. While I’ll obviously charge for this service, this is mainly a workflow time/headache saver for me.
  • Can You Roto This? – If I had nickel for every time in the past year I had a true rotoscope situation I’d be a rich man. I don’t have the educational bandwidth to really get proficient with a tool like Mocha or Fusion, but I plan trying to build some relationships with compositors in my area that can be my go to for roto work.

While it can be dangerous to spread yourself too thin, I’m hoping my plans to add some new service options will help me in 2016. If you’re a freelance colorist, what services could you add to your offerings?  Would these services help distinguish you in a crowded market?

If you’re in-house at a facility can you help steer new services or identify ones that the facility’s current client base might need now or in the future?

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Homepage Forums New Year’s Resolutions To Strengthen Your Color Grading Business

  • R.NeilHaugen

    You, lusting after mere gear? No … you lust after that which shall bring Nirvana!

    Um … or ensure faster output, right?

    Sadly my wife doesn’t buy it either and I suppose I’m glad she’s got the business banking in her duties. Really sucks the way she just looks at me and says “Dream on Bucko” and goes back to work. Are we unusual? I don’t think so …

  • Great post with a lot of great suggestions, thanks Robbie! Will be adding a few of these to my “2016 goals” list. Thrilled to hear your jumped in with FinalDCP!

  • Margus Voll

    Why you think of Final DCP compared to Easy DCP? I’, planning to add this as a service and are also doing some decision work.

  • Robbie Carman

    they had a killer 30% of sale last month. I know several people that are using it daily so it was a no-brainer. I do like the Easy DCP integration with Resolve, but saving some $ was an important factor

  • Fantastically helpful info! Thanks Robbie! For online bookkeeping and accounting I highly recommend checking out either Xero (for larger businesses that need things like integrated payroll) or Freshbooks (for solo operators who just need to track expenses, time and get their invoices sent and paid). Both are miles ahead of Quickbooks when it comes to ease of use online and with mobile apps. I personally use both simultaneously — Freshbooks for my solo film production work, and Xero for an ice cream shop I co-own with a couple other people.

  • Jamied

    Re. the travelling Colourist… I’ve found that doing this legally and not violating employment laws, or even knowing wether or not you’re violating employment laws, is kind of complicated! Do you have any tips/thoughts/resources you know of which could clarify?

  • Margus Voll

    Ok so you just got the DCP module only by the pricing it seems? Multiple rendering nodes seems also interesting idea. What talks for Easy DCP for me now is that one less step in rendering if i get it correct. I.e. render directly from timeline. It also has minuses but you do not have to use as much disk space. DCP servers idea was also interesting. Specially this small i7 version.

  • Robbie Carman

    I’ve heard great things about both services. My bookkeeper and accountant are so deep with QBs that’s it might take a while to try something else but for me making the move from the Desktop/Non-Shared version to what I have now – is like going from a yugo to a bmw!

  • Robbie Carman

    this is what I got based on Jason Bowdach’s recommendation –

    Multiple nodes but no KDM/encryption. I’m looking at hardware DCP players too

  • Robbie Carman

    hmmmm not so sure I follow? Internationally this is a bit more complicated as you have to report the earning/income to your home country and where you actually earned the money – my accountant is helping with this on the gig I have planned for Duabi. But for me doing work in the states that way I already have an LLC (taxed as S-Corp) so I’m pretty sure since I have workman’s comp and other pieces are in place there is no issue.

    I’d love hear more about what you’re were thinking specifically?

  • Jamied

    I got a ‘business visa’ in London for a job in China and after two weeks of being there it seemed that I probably should have had a ‘working visa’ but rules were being bent. That all worked out fine in the end. I’ve looked into the requirements for working in Canada and it seems you need a special permit and need to be sponsored by a company which takes ages and costs quite a lot. I had to turn down a job in Canada, for various reasons, partly going through the border and not knowing what to tell them! But things might be quite different if you’re an LLC, I don’t know. As a self employed individual it could be different for every country, it’s hard to know

  • Margus Voll

    I really like the idea where you are going with this!

  • As Robbie mentioned, I’m a huge fan of FinalDCP. Aside from the network distribution, the support is excellent. They offer encryption support but I didn’t purchase that feature. You can always add it later as an upgrade I believe

  • Margus Voll

    I did play with demo yesterday and i’m amazed. Really nice speed i got from my old mac pro about 44 fps @ 2k.
    Everything seemed super simple.

    I wonder if any plans for pros and cons on different servers also?
    What i’m specially wondering if at first one could use software player and later go with actual server if needed ?
    Final DCP has player but i’m not sure if any BM video i/o is supported etc.

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