Tribute To An Icon

From The Grading Room – A Tribute To An Icon

June 16, 2017

Sometimes we need to go outside our role as traditional colorist. Dan shares his story form his work paying tribute to an icon

Going Out Of My Comfort Zone For Three Iconic Clients

I’m proud to share a tale from the grading room where I helped pay tribute to an icon.

I was massively honoured to work on two special tributes shown at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and the Brit Awards for the late singer and songwriter, George Michael.

The film accompanied special performances at the ceremonies.

At the Grammy Awards Adele performed George Michael’s hit, Fast Love.

At the Brit Awards Chris Martin from Coldplay performed A Different Corner in duet with George Michael via the video we helped produce.

I only played a tiny part in the creation of the film and the performance but thought it would be great to share my experiences as I had to wear many hats on this project.

Project Overview

I’ll be mostly speaking about the Brit Awards film. It wasn’t as complex as the Grammy Awards film but unfortunately it’s very difficult to find a video online of that performance due to the insane amount of people involved.. Between the Grammys, George Michaels management and Adele’s management videos get taken down pretty quickly.

To give you an idea of my work here is a good copy of Chris Martin’s performance at the Brit Awards

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