Frequency Seperation : An Introduction

Frequency Seperation : An Introduction

March 31, 2015

When working with skin it's quite easy to make it look false and over worked

In this insight, I take a look at an advanced technique for beauty grading. Inspired by the world of still retouching and built by the amazingly smart Benoit Cote it’s a technique that I’ve been learning and mastering myself over the last couple of jobs.

In a simple sentence, it’s a must-have technique when working in fashion. In the days of standard definition blurs and creative contrast and smoothing with noise reduction worked perfectly but if you are faced with a 30 second UHD fashion commercial people will be expecting a lot of re-touching

An Introduction

In this insight, I only cover the basic fundamentals of working with this technique as it’s quite advanced but I will be diving deeper and further in future insights.

I hope to try these techniques in other areas. For me, it feels like it can be used as part of a creative looks process so if anyone has any requests or ideas please do let me know and make sure to cover them in future insights!

– Dan

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    • Thanks for the insight.
      This technique saved a poorly cast commercial for a client of mine.
      You can use the node sizing to slide good texture over the bad texture as well.

    • Jason Bowdach

      Awesome technique, another insight on working w texture while doing skin work. Thanks for breaking it down, been playing w this since I saw it on LGG. You nailed it, been playing w it but couldnt really get exactly what I wanted. Needed a few tips an tricks for best usage. Thx Dan!

    • Marc Wielage

      Some very good stuff here — when there’s time to use it. At least as a PowerGrade, you can pop it in and see if it works for a given scenario. I’m hoping a future version of Resolve will have some kind of frequency sep feature built in.

    • mohamadeldeeb305

      cool , the best ever Thanks !

    • Jay P

      Is the original DRX file anywhere I can get my hands on it?

    • systemat1c

      where is the drx file?

    • RobbieCarman

      you can find Benoit files linked to at the bottom of this Lift Gamma Gain Post

      Just keep in mind Dan has done some tweaking with his technique.

    • Paul W

      didn’t get what the hi node does and what the lo node does. The Lo node blurs.. therefore eliminates detail. what does the high one do? why is it grey when SHIFT H-ing it?

    • Sister S

      Hi all – anywhere we can find the DRX Dan uses for this insight?

Viewing 8 reply threads
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