The Complete DaVinci Resolve 12 & 12.5 Color Correction Training Course

The Complete DaVinci Resolve 12 & 12.5 Training Bundle

Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate
Total Running Time 25 hours, 44 minutes
Total Movies 295
Average Movie Length ~5:12
Patrick Inhofer

Patrick is the CEO and owner of MixingLight. He's been color correcting for 18+ years and specializes in indie features, long-form broadcast and documentaries.

Start feeling talented with DaVinci Resolve 12 & 12.5 with this complete color correction tutorial Course. Follow along with the videos. Includes bonuses.

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To support creatives learning to ‘skill up’ on DaVinci Resolve, in a time of economic uncertainty, we have dropped the price of this bundle by $100!

Yes! A huge number of movies are still relevant to Resolve 16.

Plus, this Bundle has many movies teaching a color grading workflow you can follow.
(that’s why we’re still selling this Bundle!)

Coming Soon: The .pdf Course Guides will be updated to indicate which movies you can skip with Resolve 16.

Start Using DaVinci Resolve 12 Like A Pro

(on the Free or Studio versions of DaVinci Resolve 12 or DaVinci Resolve 12.5)
DaVinci Resolve 12 Tutorial Series
Learn DaVinci Resolve 12 & 12.5  across more than 24 hours of tutorials taught by a professional colorist—using a documentary.

Do you think color correction is confusing?

Does this happen to you: You randomly make changes in color wheels and sliders—hoping (praying) for acceptable results. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But the work you did yesterday? It looks wrong today. Grrr…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re working in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid or DaVinci Resolve—you keep running into the same problems. You keep making the same mistakes… time and time again.

Does DaVinci Resolve look super-complicated?

DaVinci Resolve is the world-wide leader in color correction software but at version 12 & 12.5, it has a TON of features. How do you know which are the important features you need to know now? And which features can you skip until you have a more advanced understanding?

Stop feeling un-talented.

Learn a repeatable color correction workflow, tailored to DaVinci Resolve.

Learn to color correct like a professional colorist

Embedded throughout this training are lessons on Colorist Lingo, image evaluation, using waveform monitors, shot matching and Look creation. Using unique DaVinci Resolve features you’ll learn techniques for communicating more effectively with Directors, Producers and Cinematographers.

Flow through DaVinci Resolve as a professional flows through a color correction job

This beginner-to-intermediate training series will progress you logically through DaVinci Resolve. As you achieve new depths of understanding, our ‘In Action’ chapters will let you pause and apply your new knowledge to professionally shot footage—included as part of this training series.

Learn on the free or paid versions of Resolve

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with the paid version of DaVinci Resolve or the freely downloadable version, you can follow along. Very few features are specific to the paid version. When we talk about paid features, we explain them so free users can decide if they need to upgrade to the paid version.

Learn DaVinci Resolve Workflows

At Mixing Light we do more that teach you the interface. We teach you workflow; from image evaluation through creating the final Look.

For Editors, Directors, Cinematographers, Colorists

(and their Assistants)

Patrick Inhofer, CSI

Learn from Patrick Inhofer, CSI—a professional colorist with 16 years color grading experience. His specialty is long-form projects, working under tight deadlines (and tighter budgets).

Created for Professionals, by Professionals is a website created by three professional colorists. Between us we’ve had several decades of experience working with editors, directors, cinematographers, producers and their assistants.

Don’t repeat our mistakes

We make mistakes. Usually with clients sitting next to us (often with hard deadlines hanging over us). Learn techniques and workflows to avoid our mistakes and make the craft of color grading much easier to execute.

We also succeed – learn useful insights we apply every day with paying clients on professional jobs. These techniques are born out of theory but they are battle-tested and colorist-approved.

Learn to speak ‘color grading’

Having hearts of teachers, Team Mixing Light knows how to explain color grading in the language of the craft. This training is the culmination of our careers. Patrick, your teacher on this title, doesn’t hold back any tips or tricks. If he thinks some kernel of truth is essential to teach you – it gets taught.

Own three training titles and start walking the path to
DaVinci Resolve, and color correction, mastery.
(or start with just one title)

Training Course #1: Getting Started

DaVinci Resolve 12 Insights

This is our core DaVinci Resolve 12 training. From setting up a Resolve system to understanding Colorist Lingo to learning a repeatable color correction workflow; this title is everything you need to get started. At 14+ hours, you’ll get the core knowledge you need to know to feel good about using DaVinci Resolve 12 (and the craft of color correction).

Facts about the fundamentals training:

Length: 14 hours 47 minutes

Difficulty: Novice to Intermediate

Type: Project-based video training. Downloadable tutorials, source footage from a real-world documentary

Summary: This training makes no assumptions. It will get a novice working quickly while providing details that most experienced Resolve users will have missed over the past few software updates. It’s emphasis is on foundational color correction concepts, appropriate computer hardware and mastering the User Interface.

Access: Requires separate purchase from Mixing Light Insights Library Membership. Current Members receive substantial discount.

Instructor: Patrick Inhofer             Producer: Robbie Carman

Number of videos: 141      Average Length: 6 minutes, 29 seconds

Additional features in all our courses:

  • Tagged with iTunes metadata
  • iPad-ready
  • Color correct selected camera original source footage for a documentary (ProRes422HQ)
  • DaVinci Resolve project files to follow along with the training
  • Get new ‘Update’ movies for major DaVinci Resolve 12 updates



DaVinci Resolve 12 Fundamentals

Table of Contents: DaVinci Resolve 12 Fundamentals

Click, download and read the full Table of Contents for the Insights training. It includes summaries of each video, broken into Chapters.

Sample Videos from Resolve 12 Fundamental Insights

(click to play, then click the ‘expand’ button to see each movie full-screen)


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TRAINING COURSE #2: Advanced Concepts

DaVinci Resolve 12 Deep Insights



DaVinci Resolve 12 Advanced Course

Table of Contents for the DaVinci Resolve 12 Deep Insights Course

Click, download and read the full Table of Contents for the Deep Insights course. It includes summaries of each video, broken into Chapters.

This add-on to the Insights training gives you an additional 7 hours of tutorials and exercises on Resolve’s advanced features. Plus, much more in-depth ‘Grade-Along’ chapters where you sit next to a professional colorist as they color correct a timeline, step-by-step.

Length: 7 hours

Ship Date: Available NOW!

Prerequisite: Requires ownership of DaVinci Resolve 12 Insights.

Summary: This is an add-on product that extends into essential advanced features, with a heavy emphasis on workflow, techniques and full details on features exclusive to the paid version of DaVinci Resolve Studio. This course is only available as part of a bundle. Or it can be purchased later as a $69 add-on to the Resolve 12 Insights course.

Topics Include: Shared databases; advanced Media Management; additional editing features; working with LUTs & RAW; grading in LAB colorspace; additional shot matching tools; noise reduction; proxies and controlling caching manually; new color management features; and much more

Special Features: Multiple in-depth chapters working through the entire color grading process—using additional documentary footage not included in the base Insights training. Sit next to your Instructor as he explains his color correction decisions; including putting together DaVinci Resolve’s tools you may not have considered.

Number of videos: 89       Average Length: ~6 minutes, 30 seconds

Sample Videos from Resolve 12 Advanced Insights

(click to play, then click the ‘expand’ button to see each movie full-screen)

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DaVinci Resolve 12.5 New Insights

In DaVinci Resolve version 12.5 the overall User Interface is largely untouched. But dozens and dozens of new features are added. This title builds upon our Resolve 12.0 Insights & Deep Insights training. If you already know Resolve 12 and want to learn the most important new features in Resolve 12.5 then this title is perfect for you. If you’re new to Resolve, get the full Bundle – learn the full feature set of Resolve 12 – and then move on to this Update title to learn all the new features that make Resolve 12.5 such an impressive software release.

Facts about the fundamentals training:

Length: 3 hours 57 minutes

Difficulty: Novice to Intermediate – Requires knowledge of DaVinci Resolve

Ship Date: Available NOW!

Type: Project-based video training. Downloadable tutorials, source footage from a real-world documentary

Summary: This training is the perfect complement to our Resolve 12 Insight and Deep Insights titles. And if you already know DaVinci Resolve, buy Resolve 12.5 Insights as a stand-alone title and get up to speed on all the essential new features and workflows in DaVinci Resolve 12.5!

Access: Not included in Mixing Light Membership. Current Members receive substantial discount.

Number of videos: 65      Average Length: ~4 minutes

Additional features:

 Includes an update chapter on DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1 – which contained a few small but noteworthy feature updates.

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Update: Table of Contents

PDF: Table of Contents – DaVinci Resolve 12.5 New Features Course

Click, download and read the full Table of Contents for the DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Update course. It includes summaries of each video, broken into Chapters.

Sample Videos from Resolve 12.5 New Insights

(click to play, then click the ‘expand’ button to see each movie full-screen)

What Our Members Say About Our Color Correction Courses

Since tonight is game 7 of the World Series, I will use a baseball metaphor to describe your latest training product - DaVinci Resolve 11 Deep Insights - it is a "Walk-off Grand Slam.”

Resolve 11 Deep Insights is the perfect blend of instruction on the use of the interface/feature set and, insights as to how they are used in a real-world color grading session.

Patrick, your presentations are extremely clear and broken down into easily understandable building blocks that you carefully craft into the final deliverable.

Additionally, the production value of the entire training series was extremely high - well done gentlemen. I particularly appreciated the graphics which, I found to be very helpful in directing the eye to the appropriate part of the interface - at the appropriate part of the dialogue.

Although much of the Resolve 11 training was not new to me, it was a great opportunity to fine-tune the parts of the extremely broad Resolve feature set that I do not use on a regular basis.

Patrick, I first discovered you back in the days of Resolve 8 / In-Tents and have also purchased all of your training products to date. I have always been 100% satisfied. With your guidance/mentorship, I have learned more about the art/profession of being a colorist than I have from all of the other competing training products combined, that I have purchased elsewhere.

Steve Carson - Carson Filmworks, LLC

Course Overview

Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate
Total Running Time 25 hours, 44 minutes
Number of Videos 295
Average Length ~5:12


Ship Date: Available NOW!
Type: Project-based, follow-along video training. Downloadable tutorials & source footage from a professional documentary.
Access: Not included in Insights Library Memberships. Current Members receive substantial discount.
Prerequisite: None. Follow along with the Free or Studio versions of Resolve 12 or Resolve 12.5

Get Talented on DaVinci Resolve 12 & 12.5

Buy all three training courses at one unbeatable price

You can learn the basics of DaVinci Resolve 12 in just a few hours. Using our multiple Flight Plans (iTunes playlists), select a Quick Start playlist to cut down on the learning curve. You start building your Resolve skills by downloading our Project files, Databases, and camera footage. Learn the differences between DaVinci Resolve Free and DaVinci Resolve Studio – plus the components of building a pro-level DaVinci Resolve rig and color correction suite.

Note: Are you using DaVinci Resolve 12.5? This Course was recorded in DaVinci Resolve 12 but you can still follow along. In 12.5 menu items were moved and new functionality was added – but all the basics you’re learning in this Course are precisely the same!

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Our Color Correction Courses are stand-alone training titles. Pay once, own all three of these DaVinci Resolve 12 color correction Courses forever.

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What's Included
  • Get access to all THREE of our DaVinci Resolve 12 stand-alone training courses
  • Every course has its own set of Project or Databases for you to import and follow-along
  • Download light-weight ProResLT practice footage from the documentary, "Tanzania: A Journey Within" and follow-along
  • Optionally download the ProRes422HQ camera original footage (4.17 GB) to see how it feels to color correct high-quality footage
  • Each Training Course is tagged with iTunes Metadata and appears as its own TV show on your computer

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Check out the individual courses that makeup this bundle.

DaVinci Resolve 12 Fundamental Insights

Build (or brush up on) your Resolve skills with Video, Projects & Databases, and footage. 14 hours, 151 movies, Course Guide, iTunes Playlists, more...

DaVinci Resolve 12 Advanced Insights

Are you ready to level up your DaVinci Resolve skills? Start learning tough-to-find power user features that are essential for Resolve mastery and speed.

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Update Insights

Build your DaVinci Resolve skills (from the ground, up) with a bundle of our three DaVinci Resolve 12 tutorial series. Get started with the basics in Resolve 12 Fundamental Insights. Then dig deep into advanced features and workflows with Resolve 12 Advanced Insights. Finish up by learning the essential new features in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Update Insights.