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Streaming-Only Insights Library Membership

7-Day Test Drive*, then Monthly Access!

You get Streaming-Only access to the entire Insights Color Library of color correction tutorials, articles, and podcasts for only $5!** After your 7-Day Test Drive converts into a monthly membership, you can unlock ANY DaVinci Resolve training course and then earn credits every month to unlock additional Courses until you gain access to the entire series!

Build your personal library of Insights by curating your Favorites list. Or create topic-specific Playlists for later reference – directly from each individual Insight.

*if you take no action, the 7-Day Test Drive automatically converts to a Monthly Streaming-Only plan at the end of 7 days. Cancel the Test Drive at any time from your ‘My Account’ page. New Members Only.

** You must maintain an Active membership status to earn and use Credits. Courses can also be purchased individually if you don’t want to wait for the credits to accrue.


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Premium Insights Library Membership

Streaming + Downloads & Bonuses!

Get everything in the Streaming Membership (including 1 free Training Course and earning credits to unlock additional training courses*), plus download any of our audio & video content for offline access to build your personal Color Library.

You may choose Quarterly (every 3 months) or Annual (every 12 months) billing.

* You must maintain an Active membership status to earn and use Credits. Training Courses can also be purchased individually, if you don’t want to wait for the credits to accrue.

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Training Learn DaVinci Resolve

Courses For Professionals
(and their assistants)

Do you need to get up-to-speed quickly on DaVinci Resolve? Is Resolve frustrating you? Are you having trouble getting it to perform smoothly on your computer? Do you need to develop competency on the Color Page? Are you looking to assemble your timelines more quickly?

Our DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals training courses help you solve all these problems, getting you confident quickly – for ANY recent version of DaVinci Resolve.

BONUS: Mixing Light members all get 1 course free, with EVERY membership. And every month, they earn one credit toward unlocking additional Courses.

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Check out our group subscription plans page for more details.

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Streaming-Only Insights Library Membership Premium Insights Library Membership Training Learn DaVinci Resolve
Insight Library details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Full Articles details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Video Streaming details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Member-only Forums details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Unlock 1 Davinci Resolve Training Course for Free details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Earn Credits To Unlock New DaVinci Resolve Courses details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Recurring Subscription details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Color Library Downloads details Streaming No Premium Yes Standalone No
Private Podcast Feed for Mailbags details Streaming No Premium Yes Standalone No
Access To Purchase Practice Projects details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone Yes
Lifetime Price-Lock details Streaming Yes Premium Yes Standalone No
Streaming-Only Insights Library Membership
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Premium Insights Library Membership
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Training Learn DaVinci Resolve
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Feature Details

Insight Library Access

Our Insight Library has over 900+ articles, videos & podcasts centered around color correction.

Full Articles

Mixing Light members get full access to all our articles and Insights (normally hidden to non members).

Unlock Courses - For Free

Insights Library Subscription members can unlock any Davinci Resolve training course for free - with Credits awarded at signup (once per lifetime of account). Then, every month, members earn one Credit toward unlocking additional Courses.

Video Streaming

Stream our Insight content from anywhere on any device, with no limits or quotas!

Lifetime Price-Lock

We guarantee a "price-lock" for paid memberships as long as the account never lapses or cancels.

Video Downloads

Our premium members get access to downloads, so they can view/save video or audio content at any time.

Private Podcast Feeds

Our 'From the Mailbag' podcasts can be streamed from the website. Premium members get a private URL to listen to them in a supported podcast player.

Member-to-Member Forums

Gain access to our Member-to-Member forums, where the community comes together to help each other out (released, March 2022).

Private Webinars

Mixing Light hosts webinars featuring live interaction with presenters.


Commonly asked Questions & Answers

Does Membership Also Unlock Your 'Color Courses' and 'Practice Projects'?

An Insights Library Membership gives you access to the entire Insights Library (everything under the "Color Library" tab) - plus, all new accounts and reactivations get a one-time award of 3 Training Credits to unlock any of our DaVinci Resolve stand-alone training titles. Every month, active memberships earn 1 new credit toward additional unlocking additional DaVinci Resolve training titles.

Alternatively, training titles can be purchased separately - no membership required.

Practice Projects are stand-alone self-contained downloadable products giving you material to practice your color grading skills. Due to licensing restrictions, Practice Projects are separate purchases and are not part of any Membership program.

How Often Is New Content Added To The Color Library?

Every month you can expect to see 6 – 12 new pieces of content released on a regular basis. The exact number and mix of Video, Text and Audio articles will vary from month to month. The exact release schedule will also vary from week-to-week and month-to-month.

Can I Download Video & Audio From The Library?

Premium subscribers (quarterly & annual) can download video and audio content from the Library to their own computer. 7-Day Test Drive members & monthly members are limited to streaming only.

Do You Accept Paypal?

We do not. PayPal limits the ability of our members to manage their payment details directly on our website. Our payment processor (Stripe) gives members full-featured, secure control over their credit card and debit card details directly from our website - without us keeping ANY of that information on our servers. Plus, you can easily end your subscription directly from the My Account page without visiting a 3rd party, which is required by PayPal.

Are My Payment Details Safe On Your Site?

Yes! Mixing Light doesn't store any payment details on our site. Our payment processor Stripe, processes billions in transactions each year, and is one of the most trusted online payment processors. Stripe employs the strictest levels of encryption on all transactions. Every session on Mixing Light is also protected with Strict SSL and we have opted into the HSTS protocol, not just securing EVERY page, including payment pages, but ensuring the website can't be viewed if SSL is not active.

Our SSL certificate authority is LetsEncrypt - an open-source SSL provider supported by Mozilla, Google, and Cisco. We've decided not to go the Extended Validation route due to the well-publicized abuse of certificate authorities handing them out like candy, resulting in Google downgrading the trust of EV certificates and diminishing their value for legitimate commerce sites like Mixing Light.

Do You Offer Refunds?

If after becoming a member you decide to cancel you can do so from the 'My Account' page where you can manage all details of your subscription. You will have full access to the site until the end of your current billing cycle. Premium subscribers are typically granted refunds if they ask early enough in their subscription period.

Can I Request A Particular Topic Be Covered?

Of course! If you have any thoughts or areas you would be interested in seeing us cover please go straight to our Contact Us form and let us know. We’re always listening to what you say and need so we can offer the best topics for our members.