Practice Color Correction with this Paris Documentary

‘In The Shadow Of Giants’:
Documenting Artistic Struggles In Paris

Camera Original File Types CinemaDNG, ProRes
Total Timeline Length 10 min. 58 sec.
Number of Shots 204
Download Size 28 GB
Michael Mazur

Michael Mazur is a documentary filmmaker and aerial cinematographer. His projects take him to the Caribbean, Central America, Asia, Europe, the USA. Clients include NBC Universal, MTV, & Wyndham Worldwide.

Practice color correcting a documentary short about the Montmartre, Paris portrait artists. 8 artists, 8 styles, 1 subject & filmed on 3 different cameras.

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 Do You Want A Quality Documentary Or
‘Reality-Style’ Project (For Color Correction Practice)?

Filmed on 4 cameras. Are you ready to build your skill?

It always happens, a client walks in with footage from a Cinema Camera & C100 – plus an Osmo. And they need to match together, even though there are problems.

In the Shadow of Giants was commissioned by Mixing Light to give you exactly this kind of challenge. Because the only way to build your skill is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations like this.

Lucky for us, the story (and music) are good enough that you won’t mind the hard work!

Can you keep it real, but interesting?

In the Shadow of Giants is a Mixing Light original short film designed to give you a beautiful story, in a classic setting – but with typical challenges of modern documentaries and reality-style productions.

You’ve got high-quality Blackmagic 2.5k CinemaDNG, with Canon 5D timelapses plus an Osmo and C100mkII for on-the-go sequences.

Can you give this short film the feel it wants while still grounding it in a real place filled with real people?

Download This Short Film, Ready For You To Color Correct

In the Shadow of Giants is prepared and ready for you to color correct in DaVinci Resolve 12.5.5 (or later). The timeline is prepped and all you have to do is download and relink the footage (and we walk you through this slowly on the download site). To get coloring it’s as simple as:

  1. Download the project footage (28 GIGs in total, spread across 12 smaller download files).
  2. Unzip your downloads and collect them into a single folder in the .dra Media folder
  3. Restore the .dra into DaVinci Resolve
  4. Relink.
  5. Start color correcting.

Stop Watching. Start Doing.

(And Build Your Color Correction Muscle Memory)

  • Listen to the Director talk with Team Mixing Light about the creative goals of this short and execute them yourself
  • Color correct an entire short film (11 minutes, 200+ Shots, 4 Cameras, 1 beautiful subject)
  • Solve common documentary & reality problems including mis-matched cameras, changing color temperatures, on-camera exposure changes, mixed flat-recorded (and Raw) images with Rec709 footage
  • Get into the color correction rhythm with a project long enough to simulate a paying job

About "In The Shadow Of Giants"

Read the Pitch Document for the short film "In The Shadow Of Giants"
Right-click to download and read the .pdf Pitch Document for the short film, “In the Shadow of Giants”
Mike Mazur on location in Guatemala... with his drone
Mike is also a skilled aerial cinematographer… this photo was taken on location in Guatemala.

A Mixing Light Original Short Film

Since 2010, Mixing Light co-founder Patrick Inhofer and Director Mike Mazur have been collaborating on color correction Practice Projects for the Tao Of Color  training series (now-retired). In early 2016 Mike pitched Patrick about a new idea for Mixing Light: a documentary lensed in the artist quarter of Paris.

Patrick loved the idea, pitched it to Dan and Robbie… and Mixing Light funded our very first short film (adding Executive Producer to our list of credits).

Go ahead and read the PDF Pitch
We’ve linked to it on the left. It’s terrifically well executed and explains the goals of this Practice Project much more completely than we can write here. It also contains his budget breakdown (which he stuck to).

His addition of French musical artist Lise is what put this proposal over the top. Not only is she easy to look at (making it easier to tackle a practice project with 200+ shots) her music is the perfect connective thread to this Parisian story.

Mike is a skilled documentarian
He has a knack for finding interesting people to tie his documentaries together. With In The Shadow Of Giants we think he created another great short film. And it perfectly represents the modern challenges facing colorists who work with documentary- or reality- style images.

Bonus #1: Add To Your
Color Correction Demo Reel!

Building a quality demo reel is difficult. Remember, your demo reel needs to reflect the kind of work you want to attract. But if you want to color grade documentaries like In the Shadow of Giants, normally you’d have to wait for that kind of client to appear.

Today, that changes! Give Giants your best effort and then put your favorite shots into a Demo Reel… it’s part of our licensing agreement with you (limitations on footage usage is in the Licensing Agreement on checkout).

Bonus #2: 8-Part Insights Library Series, “Conforming Giants 

If there’s one criticism we’d level at this Practice Project… it got a little too real! Not only did Mike shoot on 4 different cameras, he shot multiple frame sizes, frame rates and codecs (supposedly, on purpose):

  • C100: 1080p mp4 @23.976 and 59.94fps
  • OSMO: 4k h.264 (rendered to ProRes for trimming from the 400GB of original h.264 footage)
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera: CinemaDNG 2.5k for B-Roll and Macro
  • Canon 5DmkII: Timelapse with an intervelometer
  • Final Timeline: 1080p 23.976

The end result of this mish-mash?
Conforming the final Premiere Pro timeline in DaVinci Resolve was brutal. The first time it took Patrick 6 hours of whipping the footage before he could start color grading. But you win since he turned that experience into an 8-Part series on conforming timelines in Resolve…

Download this 8-Part ‘Conforming Giants’ Series

As part of this Practice Project, you can watch and download the entire Conforming Giants series. Enjoy Patrick’s pain but don’t suffer it – since the Practice Project you’re downloading is fully conformed and waiting to be color corrected! Here are a few of the Insights in this series:

  • What is the Golden Rule of Conforming Timelines?
  • Exploring XML Conform Options in DaVinci Resolve
  • Solving Conform Problems Slowly, Shot-By-Shot
  • How To Solve Clip Conflicts In DaVinci Resolve
  • Using Resolve’s ‘Offline Reference Clip’

Timeline, Shots and Footage Facts

Sequence Details about the color correction practice project timeline
This timeline is almost 11 minutes long with over 200 shots.


Timelapse sequence were Canon 5D stills rendering into a 5K sequence
Timelapse sequences were Canon 5D stills rendering into a 5K ProRes sequences


Principle Camera is a Blackmagic Cinemas Camera 2.5K recording CinemaDNG
B-Roll and Macro shots are a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K recording CinemaDNG still image sequences


Osmo footage was recorded at UHD h.264 and transcoded to ProRes
Osmo footage was recorded at UHD h.264 and transcoded to ProRes (to trim the clips for delivery)

Watch The Final Color Corrected Version of
“In The Shadow Of Giants”

(to get some ideas… before coloring it better!)

Project Overview

Camera Original File Types CinemaDNG, ProRes
Total Timeline Length 10 min. 58 sec.
Number of Shots 204
Download Size 28 GB


Genre Documentary / Reality
Ship Date: Immediate Download
Type: Self-Guided Practice Footage (no instruction)
Access: Stand-Alone Project (not included with Insights Color Library Membership)
Prerequisite: Intermediate understanding of DaVinci Resolve

Color Correct A Mix Of Cameras, Codecs, People and Settings

Build your color correction muscle memory on a documentary short film (and hone your reality-style skills)

Start downloading your 28 Gigabytes of footage (CinemaDNG RAW & ProRes)… with a fully prepped timeline! It’s just waiting for your inspiration (and hard work) to give it the shine (and shot-matching) it deserves.

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What's Included
  • 14 GB of trimmed camera-original BlackMagic 2.5K CinemaDNG footage (downloaded in multiple smaller .zips)
  • 9.8 GB of C100 and ZenMuse h.264 1080p footage (trimmed and transcoded to ProRes, placed in multiple .zips)
  • 4.8 GB of Timelapsed C100 Sliders footage (rendered to 5K ProRes for delivery to you)
  • Color correct this full mix of codecs, cameras, frame sizes into a seamless story
  • Restore the DaVinci Resolve .dra, relink your footage and go
  • Fully conformed 1080p timline - ready for immediate color correction
  • An interview with the Director to give you context and direction
  • Licensed to use in your color correction demo reel

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Practice your RAW workflows and beauty grading with the beautifully horrifying 'Mother Died' from Then work on your documentary and reality-style color correction skills with the famous portrait artists of the streets of Montmartre, Paris. And both Projects look great in a Demo Reel!

Our No-Haggle Refund Policy: 30 Days

What's Included
  • Two high-quality Projects with great production value
  • Downloadable camera-original footage (Giants has transcoded h.264s to allow trimming for delivery to you)
  • Fully prepped DaVinci Resolve projects - requiring minimal work to get started
  • Two different workflows (RAW vs Mixed Codecs, Narrative vs. Documentary)
  • Two sets of challenges to overcome (beauty grading and Look creation vs. shot matching and problem solving)
  • Both projects are licensed for use in your color correction demo reels
  • Please read our licensing agreement (on the checkout page) for limitations on your usage