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Zeb started his career in Post Production based in a small fishing town in New Zealand. Cutting tape to tape and working to buy the tools to train on, he was drawn into the world of picture finishing after seeing the process of colour grading Lord of the Rings.

Learning about creating distinct feelings and emotion through the use of colour made him decide that is what he needed to do for a career. After being brought on to train the stunt coordinator for a feature film in editing at age 18, Zeb gained the confidence to move to Australia and look for more opportunities in the television industry there. He predominantly worked across comedy sketch series and reality TV while he honed his craft and decided to move to the UK where he would have more access to work on documentary series and features.

After a few years as head of picture at a London facility, Zeb suffered a major mental breakdown and rather than moving away from an industry he loved – he decided to set up a company to try and do things differently and become a home to like minded finishing artists. The Finish Line is now a team of over 25 artists doing their best to show the post production world that you can do great work and have a great quality of life in the process.

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