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Color grading can make you feel "untalented". Learn the little things that make a big difference and start feeling talented again. Find your Ah-HA! Insights!

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Learning software? That's Easy. Learning how to USE that software like a pro? Ah-HA! Mixing Light delivers you on-going sparks of color grading ideas.

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As your color grading skills grow, we grow with you. Just a few nuggets a month make a huge difference in your career. We teach interface, theory, technique, business.

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Your ever-growing library of premium color grading & post production tutorials, articles and podcasts. Over 1,100+ tutorials (and counting). Stay current!

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What’s an Ah-HA! moment? It’s a moment when a focused idea finally clicks, and becomes an Insight. We aim to present focused Insights… with the side-benefit of keeping things short.

Our training can be viewed in the middle of a render. During lunch. On the train.

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Have you ever had a video auto-play, while your client is on a speaker phone? We’ve been there and hate it too.

That’s why, there are no auto-starts here! It’s just one of the many ways we treat you like one of our peers.

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Post Never Stops. Neither Can You.

Do you feel like the post-production industry never stops? It doesn’t. New gear. New software. New workflows. How do you stay sharp?

Mixing Light’s members-only Insights Library is your source of color correction Continuing Education. Never stop learning, your career depends on it.

Skill Up Fast. Learn Software That Pays.

Are you having trouble geting up to speed on software that builds your career? But do you want to learn more than how to press buttons?

Mixing Light’s products give you insights into color grading and post production workflows, lingo and techniques. We even provide projects for you to practice (and build) your skill. Achieve your goals with

What Our Members Have To Say...

Thank you for all your work on Resolve 12 training. I can't emphasize enough how much these and all previous lessons helped me to build confidence with Resolve.

After a year of learning and practice I have just now successfully completed my first two commercial assignments.

This has been a real-world test of all I have learned so far and I am sure it would have taken me much much longer otherwise. So thanks again and keep up the great work!

Michal F.

Well, I've been editing for 15 years, and was getting a bit bored of it all. Three years ago I downloaded Resolve, bought The Color Correction Handbook, and along with your site–I'm pretty much a full time colourist at the agency I was cutting at now!

Couldn't have done it without you guys

Mike K.

I’m still very very "green" and seems like just beginning to open my eyes to color craft, though been doing still image work since 2006..

And guys, your site made so much difference in my experience! Thats not just pretty words, its a fact! I notice a major difference between what i did just last year and now, and so do people i work with.

So thanks again for being out there and sharing your knowledge!

[one year later, Nurali is working as a full time colorist in Copenhagen.]

It was fun to read that mail i wrote you again now, a year later. Already did a whole season of Lego animation series "ninjago", started on "Lego Star Wars: freemakers" season 2, about 5 shorts, one feature, few music videos and tons of commercials.

And I guess my point of sharing all that is all this time your site stayed relevant and resourceful to me, for which I'm really, very, super thankful to you guys. Appreciate you do what you do.

I think it's more than just a site with bunch of videos, you provide a sense of community, sharing your professional experience and keep reminding me to keep and open mind and an eye in the matter.

Nurali K.

All in all the teaching is delivered with a sincerity and clarity that makes it very welcoming and more like an apprenticeship rather than a lecture. This ability to engage and communicate ideas clearly is obviously a vital quality in an instructor if you’re going to be learning from them for so many hours!

It’s really, really helpful to hear what a colorist sees when they look at an image, either directly or via the scopes. Knowing where to look and what to look for is the first step towards really knowing what to do and how to do it.

As part of this Patrick wasn’t afraid to try things, that sometimes ended up not working, and undo them, or to push a shot to a certain ‘imperfect’ place in the first pass, because he knows he can return and improve it in the next pass.

In many ways you learn more from the choices he makes and why he does or doesn’t stick with them, as you would from just being told ‘this is how you do it.’

It’s also interesting to see which decisions must be made based on the scopes and which decisions you have to trust your eyes with, and knowing the difference.

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