Is Resolve’s Color Page intimidating to you?
Are you unsure which controls are most important, where you should begin, or how to effectively use the Node Graph?

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 102:
The Color Page

Stop flailing while color correcting. Mixing Light’s Color Page course (with downloadable practice footage) teaches the core logic behind the Color Page for any version of DaVinci Resolve – and sets you on the path of crafting impactful images.

Learn The Logic

The Power Of
The Color Page

Don’t let the Color Page intimidate you. After learning the core Color Page tools and techniques in this training you can become intentional with your work.

  • Implement a logical, repeatable approach to organizing your thoughts in Resolve’s Node Editor
  • Learn how professionals separate color manipulations into two types of corrections, and details on the tools that support each
  • Level up your tracking and keyframing workflow for more advanced or complex problem-solving
  • Many lessons contain curated links to the members-only Mixing Light Tutorial Library, for deeper learning on specific topics 1, 2

Watch the Course overview

1 Bonus Membership Library access requires separate activation.
2 This training is not included with a Mixing Light membership. Members earn Credits toward unlocking this training.

Patrick Inhofer, Colorist

Meet your instructor

As a self-taught colorist, Patrick Inhofer made all the mistakes, suffered all the annoyances, and lost many days mastering the Color Page toolset and how to approach it.

After color grading television series, independent films, short films, commercials, and corporate videos he pushed through and mastered the craft of color grading. Since then, he’s taught color grading at the university level, at conferences, in small groups, and online to thousands of students for over 15 years.

Mixing Light’s 3-Step Learning Process:

The Muscle Memory Method

Free Previews From This Course

Lesson 12: The ‘Resolve YRGB Color Managed’ Preference

How is ‘YRGB Color Managed’ different than Resolve’s default? When should you enable it? This is the option we use for this training.

Lesson 19: Understanding The HDR Palette For Primary Corrections (R17+)

An introduction to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Palette and why you should consider using it with DaVinci YRGB Color Management enabled.

Lesson 18: Global color adjustments in the Primaries Palette

Learn how to use the Temp, Tint, Saturation, Hue, and Color Boost parameters.

Lesson 30: Nodes 102 – Organize Your Workflow Using a Structured Node Tree

Patrick shares his ‘structured node tree’ for ideas on how to exploit the Node Editor and organize your color grading thoughts.

Lesson 43: Power Windows 102: Leveling Up Your Game By Separating Operations

Learn an advanced concept for using Power Windows that can improve your final results without extra effort – and why you often want to separate your shape tracks from the shape color corrections.

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**This Training is NOT included with a Mixing Light membership. Active Members earn credits to gain free access to Resolve Fundamentals training courses.

Additional Details

  • The fundamentals in this course are relevant to all recent versions of DaVinci Resolve and was recorded in DaVinci Resolve 17.
  • Resolve 18 updates, if necessary, will be added at the end of the Public Beta period
  • Works with both the free and paid versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • 30-Day Refund – No questions asked (not available after the Bonus Insights Library membership is activated; not available if purchased with Member Credits)
  • Includes Project Media and timelines to follow along with the exercises and to practice the tools being demonstrated – building your DaVinci Resolve color grading muscle memory.
  • Runtime: 3h 26m
  • 46 Individual Lessons
  • 1.9 GB Project and Footage Download
  • Streaming, up to 1080p
  • Online Learning System to keep track of your progress

Training Access

Enroll in this training course to quickly enhance your understanding and comfort with Resolve's Color Page.

This Training course is a stand-alone purchase, does not include, and does NOT require, Mixing Light membership. Active members of the Mixing Light Insights Tutorial Library earn credits toward unlocking this training. All memberships are awarded 3 credits when activated (once per account) and then accrue 1 credit every month a membership is 'active'.

$39.00 USD


You can unlock this training with 3 credits

What's Included
  • Fundamental topics in this course are applicable to all recent versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • Recorded on Resolve 17, with Resolve 18 updates coming after the Public Beta ends
  • Can be used with the Free and Studio versions of DaVinci Resolve
  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy (no refunds after activation of 15-day access to Mixing Light's Tutorial Library)
  • Online learning management system streams the lessons to your computer and helps you keep track of your progress
  • Bonus: Includes 15-day access to Mixing Light's Tutorial Library - with over 1,000 individual tutorials (not available to active members of the Insights Library) for only $5US.
  • Many lessons in this Training directly link to additional content in the Insights Library - extending your learning. (requires separate access to the Mixing Light Tutorial Library)