News: Connecting Our Community – Mixing Light’s New Slack Channel Is Launching

March 30, 2020

Mixing Light is launching our member's only Slack channel. The initial goal is fostering community interaction during forced separation.

Update March 30, 2020: The Member Dashboard now has the sign-up link for our Slack channel. If you’re an active member then log in and visit the Member Dashboard.

‘Office Hours’ and ‘After Hours’ – Bringing humans together

As this Insight gets posted, city after city is going into a lock-down mode easing the burden on health care systems from a spike of critical care patients due to Covid-19. It’s forcing all of us to look for new ways to connect, both personally and professionally. Team Mixing Light noticed the effort at Blue Collar Post Collective of using Slack as a community platform. Since internally, Mixing Light has used Slack for many years – we thought this was a great idea. In the sincerest form of flattery, we’re copying the BCPC efforts on behalf of our members.

Below is a revised version of the email announcement we sent to our email list

If you have questions, use the comments.

Starting Today! Mixing Light ‘Office Hours’ & Email Invitations Are Coming.

We hope you’re well and staying healthy during these unprecedented times. It’s tough, but as an industry and community, we’ll get through this together.

Last week we wrote to tell you about a few initiatives that Team Mixing Light is working on. One of those ideas – Mixing Light Office Hours is ready to launch and will available to active members on Monday, March 30.

Our goal is to let us all connect with one another during these times of necessary social distancing and time away from the color suite & our peers.

This email is to inform you of how our Office Hours will work, who can join, and to set a few ground rules.

Most Importantly: Slack invitations will only be sent to active Mixing Light members.

For active members, we are rolling this initiative out as a bonus membership benefit. Your participation is optional, but if you do want to join in, we need to explain how this works since Slack wasn’t built as a community platform (it’s not Facebook).

Mixing Light’s Slack Channel: ‘Office Hours’ + ‘After Hours’

In case you missed the announcement last week, Team Mixing Light will have ‘Office Hours’ several times a week (and in the first week of this initiative, each day). During this time, our members will have direct access to Team Mixing Light in a virtual social hour for colorists and finishing artists.

What happens when Team Mixing Light isn’t on the channel?

You can think of this as ‘After Hours’. The Channel will remain open for our members to interact with each other (following the Ground Rules listed below).

Getting Started: Slack Requires Us To Email An ‘Invitation’

We can’t connect Slack to our website’s membership roster in an easy automatic way, so we have to add members manually. After much research, we decided we are going to treat our members as part of the Mixing Light organization (which, our members kinda are).

We are inviting active members to join our channel by sending invitations to the email address in the Mixing Light My Account page.

On Monday, March 30th the invite for our Office Hours Slack channel will be sent to all active members.

When you get this email you have two choices:

  1. Join the channel and participate as much (or as little) as you want.
  2. Do nothing! If you don’t want to participate you’re under no obligation to join the channel. Delete the email invitation and move on.

How Will You Know When Team Mixing Light Will Be On Slack?

For the first week of Office Hours, Team Mixing Light will be on the channel daily, actively participating starting at 5 pm EST (GMT -4) for at least an hour. In the following weeks, we will post our schedule on the Member Dashboard.

Are There Topics For Discussion?

On the member dashboard, we’ll be posting a topic for discussion, but it’s just a starting point. If our discussions go on tangents or if you have other questions that’s okay (that’s the point of this thing)!

The key thing to remember, this isn’t a Customer Support channel (we have our Contact Us page for that). This is colorist-talk. Relaxed. Interesting. Hopefully, fun. Mostly, an experiment in connecting.

Ground Rules For Participating In Office Hours

If you’ve been involved in forums, message boards, or chats then you know how they can quickly devolve into a big hot mess. We won’t let that happen. We want this experiment to be fun and productive.

Here are our ground rules (which we will enforce):

  1. Be kind and courteous to each other.
  2. Keep conversations limited to the technical, hardware/software, creative, aesthetic, and business aspects of color grading or visual storytelling.
  3. Limit file uploads to those that are helpful in the context of discussions including screenshots, LUTs, project files, etc. Do not upload memes or offensive content (Team Mixing Light is the final arbiter of what’s offensive).
  4. Do not upload videos (instead, link to them) or anything which you don’t own the copyright.
  5. Direct Messaging (DM) is prohibited without the prior permission of the person you wish to DM. Because DMs can be intrusive any unsolicited, un-preapproved DMs are grounds for removal from the group.
  6. Please use @ name to mention or reply to someone, so it is clear who you are talking to.
  7. Add your current profile picture. The whole point of this experiment is to allow us to connect with each other, as human beings.
  8. Please edit your profile to use your full name as your display name
  9. Questions about specific Insights should be posted on the Insight’s page, not on the Slack channel.
  10. Official Mixing Light support questions should be routed through our Contact Us page.

We Hope To See You Next Week On Slack

Active Members should look out for our Slack invite. If you decide to join or reactivate your membership at a later date, the current plan is to send out new invitations on a semi-weekly basis. We hope to see you at the Office Hours channel and join in this experiment.

Be well.

Your hosts,

Robbie, Dan, & Pat
Team Mixing Light


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