DaVinci Resolve Color Correction Practice Projects - Mother Died

‘Mother Died’: A Beautifully Horrifying Practice Project

Camera Original File Types RED .R3D
Total Timeline Length 5 min. 23 sec.
Number of Shots 84
Download Size 22 GB
Neill Gorton

Neill is a principal in London's famous Millenium FX, a creature, make-up, and effects shop. He wrote and directed this BloodyCuts.co.uk short film.

Practice color correcting a short film with "Mother Died" - a gorgeous short (with a zombie twist). Color the original RED footage and use in your Demo Reel

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 Are You Searching For High-Quality Footage?

Are You Tired Of Struggling With Sub-Par Projects?

How are you supposed to practice pushing your color correction skills with footage that fights you?

Are you ready to color correct a terrific narrative short that’s well executed with great production value? With footage that can take your pushing and pulling?

Do You Want To Practice With Camera RAW Footage?

Camera RAW can be highly flexible – especially if its well shot. RAW can also be a confusing workflow-wouldn’t you like a test project?

Mother Died is a 5-minute short film, where 90% of the shots are 5K RED camera originals. It’s a fun little narrative with a horror twist (but the violence is all off-camera).

Download This Short Film, Ready For You To Color Correct

Mother Died is prepared and ready for you in DaVinci Resolve 12.5.5 (or later). And it’s dead simple to get started:

  1. Download the camera original footage (22GB in total).
  2. Download the DaVinci Resolve .drp project file and import it into a database
  3. Relink to the camera original footage
  4. Start bringing Mother Died to life (and then death)

Stop Watching. Start Doing.

(And Build Your Color Correction Muscle Memory)

  • Listen to the Director talk with the original colorist about the creative goals of this short and execute them yourself
  • Color correct an entire short film (5 minutes, 80+ Shots, 4 Scenes, 3 Looks)
  • Build a distinct Look for each of the 3 major set pieces
  • Get into the color correction rhythm with a project long enough to simulate a paying job

About "Mother Died"

Behind The Scenes Still from 'Mother Died'
A behind-the-scenes still from the opening scene of ‘Mother Died’
The team from MilleniumFX preparing the zombies
The team from MilleniumFX adds tremendous production value to the zombie sequence

A BloodyCuts.co.uk Original Short Film

Mixing Light co-founder Patrick Inhofer and Bloody Cuts’ London-based Ben Franklin (yes Americans, that’s his real name) and Anthony Melton began their relationship with a simple email. They wanted Pat to include their horror short Suckablood in his weekly newsletter.

Pat was blown away (seriously, Google and watch that short). He offered BloodyCuts a simple deal: He’ll grade any of their future films, forever. If they let him turn whatever he color grades into training? 7 films (and several training titles) later the relationship is still going strong!

Ben & Anthony are destined to become recognized masters of the horror genre

From the gentle story of Mother Died (where all of the violence is implied) to the over-the-top bloody Don’t Move (seriously, even Pat had to look away while grading that short) – the production value BloodyCuts puts on the screen with their shoe-string budget? We continue to be impressed and it’s only a matter of time before they ‘break through’.

A key component to their success is the director of Mother Died, Neill Gorton

Neill’s London-based creature shop MilleniumFX has been handling the practical effects and prosthetics from very early in the BloodyCuts series. Neill is practically a legend from his work on the BBC’s Doctor Who. He brings a level of excellence that Ben and Anthony leverage for every drop it’s worth. Neill wrote Mother Died, which is his directorial debut!

When you work on Mother Died, you’ll understand why Pat loves working with this unique team of filmmakers.

Bonus #1: Add To Your
Color Correction Demo Reel!

Building a quality demo reel is difficult. Remember, your demo reel needs to reflect the kind of work you want to attract. But if you want to color grade narrative films like Mother Died, normally you’d have to wait for that kind of client to appear.

Today, that changes! Give Mother Died your best effort and then put your favorite shots into a Demo Reel… it’s part of our licensing agreement with the filmmakers (limitations on footage usage is in the Licensing Agreement on checkout).

Bonus #2: Get
Color Correction Direction

No colorist works in a vacuum. We always have a collaborator we need to work with or who gives input. Mixing Light’s Patrick Inhofer recorded his interview with the director of Mother Died. Listen and learn what Neill Gorton (making his directorial debut) is trying to impart, visually.

Neill is also a principal of London’s famous creature and make-up shop, Millenium FX (which explains why the zombies look so good at the end). So… your work needs to be extra-special for the man who does creature work for Dr. Who and did prosthetics for Saving Private Ryan!

Timeline, Shots and Footage Facts

Timeline facts about the Mother Died Practice Project
This project has 80+ shots. Over 70 shots are .r3d, the remaining are ProRes444 VFX shots. (click for larger image)
Mother Died .r3d Details
You are downloading 5K RED originals, formatted for 1080p delivery. (click for larger image)

Watch The Final Color Corrected Version of “Mother Died”

(to get some ideas… before coloring it better!)

Project Overview

Camera Original File Types RED .R3D
Total Timeline Length 5 min. 23 sec.
Number of Shots 84
Download Size 22 GB


Genre Thriller / Zombie
Ship Date: Immediate Download
Type: Self-Guided Practice Footage (no instruction)
Access: Stand-Alone Project (not included with Insights Color Library Membership)
Prerequisite: Intermediate understanding of DaVinci Resolve

A Beautifully Horrifying Practice Project

Build your color correction muscle memory on a narrative short film (and practice your RAW workflows)

Start downloading your 22 Gigabytes of RED camera-original footage… with a fully prepped timeline! It’s just waiting for your inspiration (and hard work) to give it the shine (and horror) it deserves.

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There are limitations to what you can do with this footage. Our licensing agreement is in plain English and completely reasonable. Practice Projects are only licensed for private, individual usage and may not be shared for any purpose. Respect this licensing and we'll keep bringing you new short films for practice!

What's Included
  • 22 GB of camera-original RED 5K footage (downloaded in multiple smaller .zips)
  • Fully conformed 1080p timline - ready for immediate color correction
  • An interview with the Director to give you context and direction
  • Licensed to use in your color correction demo reel
  • Perfect footage for exploring different RAW workflows (including DaVinci Color Management and ACES)
  • Test out LUT workflows or use plug-ins like FilmConvert - or go radical and grade it with regular Primary Wheels and Custom Curves!