MixingLight has come a long way since it’s inception in 2012. Check out our timeline of events and our major milestones, from the beginning!

Mixing Light, LLC is legally formed

The official business is created over a few (virtual) beers and much excitement!

Mixing Light Website Development Begins

Mixinglight.com is designed, feeding Patrick's and Dan's new love for HTML & CSS

Mixing Light.com launches at NAB

Mixing Light is revealed with it's first round of 20 Insights in the Insights Library.

Mixing Light hosts over 5,000 unique monthly sessions.

Traffic to the website encourages Team Mixing Light

SpeedGrade CC Insights Is Released.

Our first stand-alone training title is released, featuring Adobe's SpeedGrade.

The first '23 Insights in 23 Days' Tutorial Marathon

The Team launches their first Marathon with an Insight on the Film Convert OpenFX plugin. The marathon leads up to Christmas Eve.

'DaVinci Resolve 11 Insights' Is Released

Our second stand-alone training title is launched on Mixing Light and Lynda.com.

Mixing Light hosts over 10,000 unique monthly sessions.

Traffic growth is steady.

'Davinci Resolve 12 Fundamentals & Advanced Insights' Is Released

Our most ambitious title with over 24 hours of training. Portions are also released on Lynda.com.

Mixing Light hosts over 20,000 unique monthly sessions.

Traffic, and our membership, continues its steady growth.

Mixing Light Launches In Mainland China

Gaiamount.com translates and re-releases Mixing Light training in China.

'Fundamentals of ACES' Is Released

A free multi-part series on the ACES workflow is released (and is continually updated).

'DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Update' Is Released

An add-on training title for DaVinci Resolve 12 is added to our stand-alone Courses Library.

Insight #500 Is Released

Our Insights Color Correction Library surpasses 500 individual tutorials.

Mixing Lights hosts over 40,000 unique monthly sessions.

Steady multi-year growth encourage Team Mixing Light to do a complete redesign of the website.

Mixing Light 2.0 Is Released

The website is completely redesigned, custom built for speed and organization.

'Color Correction Practice Projects' are released

We introduce a new category of products, to help aspiring colorists perfect their color skills with realistic and challenging projects.

'What's New In Resolve 14' Is Released

Our first stand-alone training title feature colorist Joey D'Anna CSI.

Our first booth presence at NAB

Co-located within Flanders Scientific's booth, Mixing Light is on the show floor at NAB for the first time!

The Free DaVinci Resolve 14 Tutorial QuickStart is released

Part 1 of our two part Resolve 14 Certification Tutorial series is released. And its free.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Certification Course is released

Part 2 of the Certification Course is released - making it the first internet-based accredited DaVinci Resolve course specifically built around the official Blackmagic Design educational courseware!

Flight Paths for the Insights Color Grading Library are released

Core color grading learning topics from the Insights Library are collected into Guided Tours - frequently pointing to key external resources to help you expand your expertise.