Coloristos – EP15

Robbie Carman

The Coloristos are back after a bit of a break with an episode that I was dying to hear – their impressions of the New Mac Pro.

If you’re like lot of colorists,you’re probably wondering if this machine with its dependence on Thunderbolt 2, non-swapable graphics cards and a single processor is right for you.

The guys break it down talking about buying a new machine vs updating an older Mac Pro and all the stuff that colorists will really care about – including some benchmarks.

For a deeper discussion be sure to check out the related thread on LiftGammaGain.

As always, be sure to follow the coloristos on Twitter JuanJason and Josh (who is also a Mixing Light contributor) as they’re awesome guys and do a masterful job discussing all of the technical issues with this new machine and color grading in general.

For more on the Coloristos be sure to visit their PodOmatic page


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