Unlikely Sources

Look Inspiration – Inspiration From Unlikely Sources

January 26, 2016

Sometimes inspiration can strike in the strangest of places. In this insight Dan shares how he finds inspiration from unlikely sources.


Look Inspiration – Inspiration From Unlikely Sources


I’ve spent a lot of time match grading in my years grading and I feel like that is an area I should move on to focusing on here at Mixing Light, starting with a fun one on finding inspiration from unlikely sources.

The website I visit in the video insight below is Design Inspiriation make sure you try out their cool color based search!

Match grading in my mind is the process of looking at one image and applying the characteristics to another shot.

The obvious applications of this are when you are matching shots together but also when you want to apply the look that is inspiring you onto the footage you are working on.

This insight is a bit of fun and gives an overview of how I approach matching shots to the images that clients send me.

Please do send me any questions you have on the world of shot matching and match grading and I’ll do my best to cover them in the upcoming series.



Unlikely Sources

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