Color Palettes From Famous Films

Robbie Carman

If you’re anything like the Mixing Light Team, you study and then study some more, major feature films, television shows and really any content you can get your hands on for how color and contrast was used. Well, there is only so much studying you can do – you have to have a life right?

Mixing Light friend Jeff Greenberg pointed out this awesome site – MOVIES IN COLOR that takes stills from quite a few famous films and breaks down the color pallet of each one.  The site says it’ll be updated daily – hopefully thats true – its nice seeing these color breakdowns.  We’d love to see actually RGB values or at the very least some more metadata about which parts of the image were sampled.

There are lots of sites out there now like Movies In Color – I think one of the first of the scene was THIS ONE  which is still one of my favorites.

If you have another similar type site please let us know!

– Robbie


2 thoughts on “Color Palettes From Famous Films”

  1. Hey Robbie !

    That tumblr site is awesome I would like to share too, this site It has many stills from many movies too.

    Would be great a post where you explain how do you study an image, or what do you look at ?

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