Color Correction Reading for the Week of June 8

Color Correction News: Week of June 8

Patrick Inhofer


Color Correction Pulse: Week of June 8

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Video: Color Grade Breakdown

Colorist, and friend of the Tao, Rob Bessette, does a very nice breakdown of a grade he did for a TV Commercial campaign, including a Look they tried but decided not to go to air with.
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Blog: The’New’ MacPro: Design vs. Practicality

how ‘pro’ is the new Mac Pro? You’ll know where this article is going at the first image… of the Apple Cube.
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Article: How To Cure Banding In DSLR Footage

One word: Dithering.
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Article: Grading ‘House of Cards’ In 4K

shot on RED, graded in a Baselight 2, colorist Laura Jans-Fazio talks about her workflow and creative goals.
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