Top Color Correction Stories from the Week of July 20

Color Correction Pulse: Week of July 20

Patrick Inhofer

Color Correction News: Top Stories Last Week

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Forum: Resolve and GPUs

Peter Chamberlain, DaVinci Resolve Product Manager, mentions the new recommendations for the number of GPUs supported on Mac and Windows.  [read_more_button link=”″][/read_more_button]

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Article: Color Management

RED dives into color management for cinema and broadcast. This post is chock full of the key technologies and best practices for achieving more predictable and consistent color.   [read_more_button link=””][/read_more_button]

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Video: What Is ProRes 444 XQ?

A summary of the White Paper as it relates to ProRes 444 XQ. And the difference between codecs and color spaces.  [read_more_button link=””][/read_more_button]

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