Top Color Correction News Stories: July 13 Edition

Color Correction Pulse: Week of July 13

Patrick Inhofer

Color Correction News: Top Stories Last Week

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Article: Black is the old black

“Did you know that black enhances the fine lines (read: wrinkles) and bags under your eyes? It doesn’t enhance any eye colour, your most important communicative tool.” If you think you’ve got black working for you, think again. Great blog post. [read_more_button link=””][/read_more_button]

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Video: Keepin’ it Consistent

why is it important to maintain the color consistency of a film from start to finish? Colorist Chris Hall continues his excellent Anatomy of a Grade series with some things to think about BEFORE you grade.  [read_more_button link=”″][/read_more_button]

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Video: DaVinci Resolve: Soft Clipping

“soft clipping allows me to bend footage far further than I normally could by limiting the extreme registers of the highlight or shadow detail.” [read_more_button link=””][/read_more_button]

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