Holiday Marathon – 20 Insights in 20 Days

Holiday Marathon of Color Correction Tutorials and Insights

The holiday season has arrived and Team Mixing Light is feeling festive. We’ve had a great year building the Insights Library and inspiring our members – so much so, that we are embracing the season of giving with a huge THANK YOU for supporting us in our first year! To celebrate we are pleased to announce :

The Mixing Light ’20 Insights in 20 Days’ Holiday Marathon!

For the first 20 days in December you’ll get a new Insight – each and every day! Like Santa’s elves, we’ve been busy  recording and writing a whole sleigh of Insights:

  • Time management tips
  • Plugin overviews
  • Building unique looks
  • Business tips
  • Grading a (fake) trailer
  • Grading a Dream Sequence
  • And many, many more

All straight from the brains of Robbie, Pat and Dan.

Special Series: Grading a (fake) trailer
Dan has been working on a new series of Insights: Grading a fake film trailer from start to finish. Using free found footage off the intertubes (properly credited) he’s cut together a trailer that includes Red Dragon footage, VFX, and titles. From evaluating the source images, working with VFX, color correcting, dealing with titles and through to on-lining the project, Dan will take us through his entire process.

We think this will be a MixingLight classic! Check out Dan’s intro and sneak preview below:

Credits: Red Dragon Footage – Phil Holland, Helicopter FS700 Footage – The Film Bakery , Music – Lino Rise

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